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Egyptians condemn deadly bombing at police compound

Egyptians are showing their frustrations after a deadly bomb blast rips through a police compound in the northern city of Mansoura. Local ... tags: 130andcitycondemndeadlyleastMansoura

The UN and Washington condemn violence in Ukraine

The international community has turned its focus on the crisis in Ukraine. Speaking at a UN event in Lima, the organisations Secretary ... tags: andcondemnEU-Ukraine_2013KievPolice_violenceProtestThe

Thousands take to the streets of Pakistan

Thousands of Sunni Muslims take to the streets of Pakistan, to condemn the latest wave of sectarian violence that has killed at least ... tags: condemnhasleastproteststreetsSunnitake

Fire kills 37 in psychiatric hospital outside Moscow

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY A fire killed 37 people in a Russian psychiatric hospital on Friday, the deadly blaze at such a ...

Altaf Condemn KHI Arrest-29 Aug 2013

Altaf Condemn KHI Arrest-29 Aug 2013

New York protest condemns Egyptian military

As news continues to come in from Egypt about the ongoing violence and unrest, many people in the United States have become very angered ... tags: CondemnEgyptianMassacreMilitaryProtestStatesUnited

US Court condemns NYPD's Stop and Frisk Policy

New York City Police Department has a policy known as 'Stop Frisk.' The policy allows police officers, without warrants or any standard of ... tags: CondemnCourtFriskPolicyStatesUnited

MERCOSUR presidents condemn Washington's illegal surveillance practices

Bolivias President Evo Morales was stranded in Vienna as some European countries refused to allow his jet into their airspace, amid ... tags: AmericasCOndemnPresidentSurveillanceWashington

Amnesty calls on Argentina to respect indigenous peoples´ rights‎

Marking United Nations' International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Amnesty International in Argentina has urged the central ... tags: Amnestyargentinacondemnhealthindigenousrights