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N.H. clerk fired for pulling gun during robbery

Bear Cothran, a gas station clerk in Nashua, N.H., was fired after he pulled a gun on a would-be robber in his store. Even though Cothran ...

Concealed-weapons permits catch on in Colo. county

Concealed carry is a catch-all term for the laws that allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. The exact terms and conditions vary from ...

Mayor Stothert applies for concealed carry permit

Omaha leader will soon join more than 27,000 other Nebraskans who have a permit to carry a gun. tags: BuildingcarryCommissionconcealedcontrolfirearmgun

Woman Allegedly Tried to Conceal Drugs Under Dentures

One bride-to-be had her upcoming ceremony ruined after her slipping dentures revealed her plans to pass drugs to the groom, who is a prison ... tags: concealeddenturesdrugshiddeninjailmeth

Smuggler Conceals Meth In Snickers Bars

Smuggler Conceals Meth In Snickers Bars - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Drug dealers are constantly coming with new ways to ... tags: bustedconcealedinmethnewssmugglersnicker

Trigger Happy: Gun-toting Americans want arms law loosened

Americans are among the world's most-armed citizens - yet the right to bear weapons just isn't enough for some. Now there's a movement to ... tags: carryconcealedcontractorCraigdefenseFordeKaelyn

How many colleges in U.S. allow students to carry concealed weapons? Ask USA TODAY

Editorial writer George Hager answers this reader question. Have a question of your own Send it to us with askusatoday on Twitter or e-mail ... tags: AskcarrycollegeconcealedEditorialopinionpage

How to Draw from a Behind-the-Back Concealment

Mike Seeklander demonstrates how to safely draw a firearm that is concealed in the small of your back. tags: Behind-the-BackconcealedConcealmentdeploydrawDrawingdrawing_a_gun

Tenhou - Riichi Mahjong - Suu Ankou - Four Concealed Pon

Link to full game Finally, I got a yakuman. A real one--not kazoe. Music Red Coins - Mario Pinball Land. Copyright 2005 Nintendo. tags: competitionconcealedjapanesemahjongmenzenponriichi

Tenhou - Riichi Mahjong - Double Yakuman

Link to full game I never imagined I would get a hand of this rarity. I'm extremely surprised that the game went on as long as ... tags: bigcompetitionconcealeddaisangendragonsjapanesemahjong

News of the Stupid, 2012-Jan-15

How much, again Link The best way to vanquish knaves and blackguardly villians on campus ... tags: 2007babiesbabyBobboonecampuscarry