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Top Space Stories of 2013

China is on the Moon Mars One Sending Four Humans to Populate Mars. NASA To Grow Turnips on the Moon. International Space Station ... tags: astronautsChinacolonizationcosmonautsInternational_Space_StationISSJade_Rabbit_rover

Western Sahara: Last colony in Africa

The Western Sahara has become the infamous icon of colonialism in Africa. Once a Spanish colony, it is now annexed and ruled by neighboring ... tags: AfricacolonialismcolonizationINFocusMoroccoPress_TVSpain

Nearly 80K Apply to Spend Rest of Life on Mars

Netherlands-based Mars One says video applications have come from more than 120 countries, with 17,000 Americans applying. tags: colonizationcolonymarsnewsonescience

Mars Colonization Wants You!

If you're accepted to the Mars One project the journey is a one-way ticket, requiring you to spend the rest of your life on the Red Planet. tags: astronautbreaking-newscolonizationignign-newsmarsmars-one

4 Worst Mars Movies Ever - io9: We Come From the Future

We examine the common movie tropes about colonizing/terraforming Mars and why they're bunk with special guest Phil Plait from the Bad ... tags: colonizationghostshumanmarsmissionofspace

From The Moon to Mars: The New Economics - Part II

-- Part two of the New Economics deals with fusion-powered spaceflight as an integral part of national economic planning, by examining 1. ... tags: ApollocolonizationeconomicseconomyLaRoucheMarsMoon

Is China colonizing Africa, Clive Tasker

Interview with Clive Tasker during the 5th Forum on Africa of Taormina, Italy. tags: africabankchinaclivecolonizationstandardtasker

Stephen Hawking: Colonize Space, or Else! - Diggnation

Stephen Hawking demands that humans colonize space - or else Plus, proof there is an alien in every episode of South Park, former Digg ... tags: alexalbrechtalex_albrechtalienaliensamericaaubreyaubs

AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa - Cynthia McKinney on GRTV

SUBSCRIBE IN ITUNES RSS Established in 2007, the United States African Command AFRICOM has been at the heart of the US agenda ... tags: africaafricombillionschinacoldcolonizationcorbettreport