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The Hazing (aka Dead Scared) (Official Trailer)

The Evil Dead meets Scream as an evil professor, through an ancient staff and a book of incantation, possesses the bodies of a group of ... tags: Abandoned_MansionAncient_StaffBody_PossessionBook_Of_IncantationCollege_StudentsDead_ScaredEvil_Professor

Students Face Punishment After Pulling Gun In Own Apartment

Seniors Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh say they were only defending themselves when a six-time convicted felon tried to enter their ...

Many College Students Don't Like Using Email

Students and professors at universities across the United States are reportedly not checking their email as much as they used to. Students ...

Chinese College Freshmen Asked to Sign Suicide Waiver

Freshmen enrolling at the City College of Dongguan University of Technology, China have a bizarre and disturbing new waiver that requires a ...

Ohio State Students Find Man Secretly Living Behind Door

Ohio State University students thought they had a ghost in their house, until they realized a man was secretly living behind a locked door.

Farhan Akhtar Launches The Lighthouse Project

Actor Farhan Akhtar recently graced the launch of The Lighthouse Project which is an initiative that involves the children from ...

Slighting Sleep on Campus

Whether you're staying awake for studying or something a bit more exciting, you probably drink more than your fair share of caffeine packed ... tags: all_nighterawakecaffeinecoffeecollege_studentsenergy_drinksleep

Bothersome Bugs

Bed bugs are unwelcome visitors in your dorm room, right Unfortunately, parasites like head lice, pubic lice, and bed bugs may've already ... tags: bed_bugsbugsbug_bitescollege_campuscollege_dormcollege_studentsdorm_room

The Problem With Pink Eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis as your doctor may call it, is a contagious disease that affects many college students. Blame close quarters ... tags: anti_bioticsbacterialcollege_healthcollege_studentsconjunctivitiscontagiouseyes

Mono: The Makeout Disease

Although 95 percent of people will get mononucleosis at some point in their lives, mono makes itself most known on college campuses. If ... tags: beer_pongcollege_dormcollege_healthcollege_studentscommunicable_diseasescontagiousdiseases

Drinking and Driving

Someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 . Does this make you MADD Learn more about drunk driving, from what blood alcohol level really ... tags: athlete's_footathletes_footbare_feetcollege_dormcollege_studentscontagiousdermatophytes