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Cold Treatment Videos by Popular

When to Medicate When You Have a Cold

When you come down with a cold, is it healthier to let your natural defenses take control or take medication tags: boosting_immunity_systemColdCold_MedicationCold_TreatmentDr._Drew_OrdongettingHave

How to Hydrate a Cold

Staying hydrated is key to fighting a cold. The Doctors share their favorite methods for getting enough fluids. tags: Coldcold_fixcold_hydrationCold_Treatmentdrinking_enough_fluidsGetHealth_Cold_Flu

How to Treat Colds and Sinus Infections

How can you tell when that lingering cold is actually a sinus infection Dr. Jordan Josephson, a leading ear, nose and throat surgeon, ... tags: coldColdscold_remediesCold_TreatmentDr._Jordan_JosephsonfluFlu_Medication

Feed A Cold But Starve A Fever: Health Myth?

According to some folks, you ought to feed a cold and starve a fever. Before you starve yourself, or stuff your belly with food, find out ... tags: Body_TemperatureColdsCold_RemedyCold_TreatmentCold_VideoFeed_A_ColdFever

OTC Medication for Cold and Flu

Overwhelmed by the cold and flu medications you see lining your pharmacist's shelves Here's help. tags: chicken_soupcoldscold_medicationscold_treatmentcough_syrupdrugs_for_coldfever

How to Cure a Cold in One Day

If you act quickly at the first symptoms of a cold, you stand a good chance of outrunning it. tags: chicken_soupColdCold_Treatmentcough_treatmentCurecuring_a_coldDay

How to Clear a Stuffed Nose Without Medication

All stuffed up and wanting to breathe but without the chemicals Here's how to get relief fast. tags: ClearCold_TreatmentHealth_Othershealth_tipshome_remediesHowHowcast

How to Deal with a Runny Nose

Is that runny nose bringing you down With over-the-counter cold remedies and a few simple steps, you can put a stop to your problem. tags: Cold_TreatmentDealDealing_with_AllergiesHealth_Othershealth_tipsHowHowcast

Caring for a Cold in College

Dr. Russell Greenfield provides tips for taking care of that nasty cold when you are off at college. tags: Caringcatching_a_coldColdcold_herbal_remediescold_in_collegeCold_Medicationcold_symptoms

When to See a Doctor to Treat a Cold

Its just a cold, right Maybe not. Watch for these symptoms, which could indicate a more serious problem. tags: coldCold_symptomsCold_Treatmentcold_treatmentsfeverFluflue