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What You Need to Know About Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Since Osama bin Laden's death, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has emerged as the terror network's most active arm. tags: alaqapclosuresembassiesembassyqaedathreat

3 to See: U.S. Embassies, A-Rod Suspension, New 'Doctor Who'

U.S. embassies remain closed for week A-Rod suspension expected new 'Doctor Who' named. tags: alarodclosuresdepartmentdoctorembassymlb

Embassy Closures Extended due to Al-Qaeda Threat

The State Department closed its embassies and consulates in 22 countries across the Middle East and Northern Africa. tags: alclosuresembassynewsqaedaterrorthreat

Kurdistan's airports worried about Baghdad's airspace control

The Iraqi governments tight control of Kurdish airspace is a growing concern for Kurdistans airports as political relations between Baghdad ... tags: airportsairspaceclosuresIraqkurdistantensions

Hundreds detained during school closures rally in Chicago

More than a hundred people have been detained during a rally against planned school closures in Chicago. Report by Gillettr. Like us on ... tags: chicagoclosuresdetainedduringhundredsrallyschool

Dumbbell exercises shoulders : Closures on head

Dumbbell exercise for shoulders Closures on headBe always in shape Join USSubscribe P4P - - - P4P Official - tags: closuresdeltoidexerciseexercisesheadonshoulder

China's coal country under pressure - 10 Dec 09

For years critics have blamed China - the world's largest producer of greenhouse gases - for not doing enough to prevent global warming. ... tags: changechinaclimateclosurescoalgasesglobal

Snow keeps Gatwick and Edinburgh closed

Edinburgh and Gatwick airports will remain closed with all departures and arrivals halted until further notice due to the adverse weather ... tags: airportclosuresedinburghgatwickgriticenews

Chicago protest against school closures

Hundreds of parents, students and teachers have marched against school closures in Chicago.The local education authority in US President ... tags: againstChicagoclosuresDemonstrationEducationeuronewsProtest

Bangladesh factories reopen after protests

Garment workers return to their posts as more than 300 factories reopen in Bangladesh. Protests over pay and working conditions halted ... tags: afteragainandBangladeshcausedclosuresHundreds

Renault agrees no factory closures

Renault has signed a deal with three unions to avoid of factory closures.The French car-maker signed the agreement with Force Ouvriere, ... tags: agreesCarsclosureseuronewsfactoryFranceRenault

Army sites axed with troop pull-out

By ParlyA shake-up of army bases to accommodate a speeded-up return of all troops from Germany will mean the disposal of seven sites across ... tags: armybasebasesclosuresCommonsdefencehammond