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Jesus, Republicans And The Bible

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur introduces a monologue on Jesus and Republican Presidential candidates from comedian John Fugelsang Sexy ... tags: abortion bibleagnosticatheistcenk uygurchristianitychurch and statedebate

Do You Believe in a Secular America? Ten Point Vision contest Winner

Learn about 'A Ten Point Vision of a Secular America' The book 'Attack of the Theocrats How the Religious Right Harms Us ... tags: 10pointvisionagnosticatheistAttack of the Theocratschurch and stateContestFounding Fathers

"Why Romney's Religion Matters" by Sean Faircloth

The book 'Attack of the Theocrats How the Religious Right Harms Us All What We Can Do About It' is available Feb. 2012. Faircloth served ... tags: church and stateGingrichJames MadisonJohn KennedyMormonreligion fundamentalismreligious right

Sean Faircloth in Q&A Discusses Religion and his Strategy for a Secular America

QA for Faircloth's speech 'Why Romney's Religion Matters' The book 'Attack of the Theocrats How the Religious Right Harms Us All ... tags: atheismchurch and statefundamentalismmormonmormon churchprosperity gospelreligious right

Atheism: A New Strategy. Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, US

Christopher Hitchens said there was a goal he most wanted to achieve. RDFRS-US offers 'A Ten Point Vision of a Secular America' seeking to ... tags: agnosticatheismatheistAttack of the TheocratsChristopher Hitchenschurch and stateFaircloth

Jesus Fest Vs ACLU

The ACLU is not happy that public funding is going to support 'Jesus Fest', a two-day Christian festival in West Virginia. Ana Kasparian ... tags: acluagnosticatheistcenk uygurchristian conservativechristian festivalchristianity

"In God We Trust" Passes US House

11/02/11 By passing a new resolution, the House of Representatives has overwhelmingly reaffirmed 'In God We Trust' as the ... tags: agnostic atheism atheist church church and state congress flying spaghetti monster

Supreme Court Considers Case on Hiring, Firing in Religious Schools

SCOTUS WATCH The Supreme Court justices heard arguments in a case regarding the application of the Americans with Disabilities ... tags: americans church and state Judy Woodruff Marcia Coyle national law journal religion scotus

Definition of Religion

Definition of Religion. Randall Niles examines the conventional wisdom.The definition of religion, and what connotations come to mind ... tags: Church and State Humanism Randall Niles Secular Video You TubeChurch and State