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Choking child saved by state troopers in N.J.

A Trenton family has two New Jersey State troopers to thank for coming to their rescue when their disabled son, born with hydrocephalus, ...

Consumer advocates warn against hazardous kids toys

As we head into the holiday shopping season, consumer groups are warning parents about toys to avoid. Many are too loud or pose choking ...

Man Accused of Choking Woman After Smoking Horse Tranquilizer Laced Pot

A man in West Haven, Connecticut has been accused of punching and choking a woman. The suspect, 40-year-old Louis Hubbard later admitted he ...

Boynton Beach, Fla. police officer saves choking woman

A Boynton Beach police officer is credited with saving the life of an elderly woman. tags: BeachBoyntonchokingFloridaHawkinsnewsPhil

12,000 Children Choke on Food Each Year

A new study found that between 2001 and 2009, on average 12,000 children a year were sent to the emergency room from choking. tags: candychokinghazardhealthincidentsnewspediatrics

Kaneohe man choked by civilian, dies in police custody

The Honolulu Medical Examiner's final report is out with new details of the way a Kaneohe man died after being arrested by police in ... tags: carchokingdeathDinnanExaminerHonoluluMedical

Girl, 9, gets pneumonia after choking on swimming pool water

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation Swimming pool water might be more dangerous than you though. A 9-year-old girl came down with a serious ... tags: accidentschokingonpoolswimmingwater

Woman Cancer Free After Coughing Up Tumor

Woman Cancer Free After Coughing Up Tumor - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Here's a great story of a UK woman who is cancer free ... tags: cancercancerouschokingcoughdiseaseNewstumor

How To Stop Someone Choking

If the victim is pregnant or obese, place your fist over the breastbone the bone in the middle of the chest and perform the upward ... tags: aidcantchokechokingfirsthazardswallow


THE OBSERVERS All the latest shows THE OBSERVERS on tags: affairsamateurchokingcollaborativecurrentjournalistsOBSERVERS

The observers : Syrian opposition videos, 'SlutWalks' in the US

The observers - This week, our Observers explain how Syrian opposition activists help foreign journalists authenticate amateur videos of ... tags: affairsamateurchokingcollaborativecurrentjournalistsOBSERVERS