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Chemical Weapons Videos - 6 by Popular

'Detailed database' of Syria's chemical weapons facilities

Analyst Stuart Ray says intelligence agencies will have 'a fairly good idea' of where Syria's chemical weapons facilities are but they ...

Nato head urges strikes on Syria

By NATOAnders Fogh Rasmussen said he believed direct strikes against Bashar Assad's regime were the only way to prevent him - and ...

UK to table Syria resolution at UN

By PARLYThe UK has given a cautious welcome to the proposal put forward by Russia yesterday, but the Prime Minister has warned that the ...

Syria's Assad Rebuts Obama in PBS Interview

Syrian president Bashar al Assad denied his government used chemical weapons, and warned the U.S. against destabilizing the Middle East.

SYRIA SURRENDERS?: Country Agrees to Sign Ban and Give Up Chemical Weapons

Syria, Tuesday, offered to give up its chemical weapons and sign a chemical weapons ban. AP reporting the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid ...

Syria Accepts Last Minute Deal to Turn Over Chemical Weapons to Avoid US Attack

Syria accepts a deal with Russia to hand over its chemical weapons to the international community. The deal was accepted Tuesday after a ...

"EXPECT EVERYTHING": Syrian President Tells CBS Chem Warfare "Could Happen"

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gave an exclusive interview to CBS Charlie Rose warning an attack on Syria will not be taken lightly. He ...

Putin: Syria videos were 'provocation by militants'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said evidence of alleged chemical attacks in Syria was 'provocation by the militants' who expect aid. ...

Would Obama Act on Syria Without Congress?

President Obama wouldn't give a direct response when asked whether he would authorize a strike in Syria even without the approval of ...

Top 5 Things President Obama Said at G20 in Russia About Possible Syria Attack

President Obama used the international stage to make his case for an attack on Syria. The president, speaking at the G20 Summit in St. ...

THE INTERVIEW - Stephen M. Walt, Professor of International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Should the West retaliate against Syria after the August 21 chemical weapons attack Less than a week before Congress votes on Syria ...

IN THE PAPERS - Der Spiegel: 'Germany offers clue in search for truth in Syria'

An article in Der Spiegel reports German intelligence intercepted a call by a Hezbollah official in Lebanon in which 'he seems to have ...