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Chemical Weapons Videos - 5 by Popular

President Obama on Kerry-Lavrov Syria talks

President Obama says a deal struck between John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov on Syria's chemical weapons must be 'verifiable and enforceable'. ...

US and Russia agree Syria plan

US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov have agreed that Syria's chemical weapons must be destroyed by ...

How Can the U.S. Get Rid Of Syria's Chemical Weapons?

Russia and the U.S. are discussing a proposal to eliminate Syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons but that proposal faces many obstacles.

BREAKING: UN Report Will Say Syria Committed "Crimes Against Humanity" in Chem Attack

UN Weapons Inspector says the report on Syria is done and its been leaked one week before it was set to be released. UN Secretary General ...

IN THE PAPERS - WSJ: Secret Syrian unit scattering chemical weapon arsenal

INTERNATIONAL PRESS Fri. 13/09/13 According to the Wall Street Journal, an elite Syrian military unit has been scattering Syrias chemical ...

WEB NEWS - Chemical attacks seen by Syrian artists

Today on the net, the chemical attack in Syria as seen by the countrys artists a Google Street View photo fueling all sorts of online ...

Al-Qaeda terror in Syria

As the US and its allies are busy beating the drums of war on Syria over a chemical attack allegedly launched by Damascus, al-Qaeda linked ...

PM defends 'strong stance' on Syria

By parlyThe Prime Minister said the proposal from Russia for international inspectors to seize and destroy chemical weapons in Syria would ...

American public divided over military action in Syria

The American public remains divided over military action in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria. Report by Johnstons. ...

DEBATE - Syria: can diplomacy work? (part 2)

Russia may already be putting disclaimers on a future Syria chemical weapons resolution, but the prospect of a potential breakthrough at ...

IN THE PAPERS - Kerry's ad-libbed Syria solution?

INTERNATIONAL PRESS - Tues. 10/09/13 International papers focus on the situation in Syria. Could US Secretary of State John Kerry be behind ...

MEDIAWATCH - Assad's media offensive

We take a look at online reactions to developments today in Syria. Also, Assad's interview with CBS's Charlie Rose again shows the ...