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First Batch of Chemical Weapons Leaves Syria

UN Spokesperson Farhan Haq confirms the delivery of the first batch of Syria's most dangerous chemicals was loaded onto a Danish ship on ... tags: Chemical_weaponsEuropeGeneral_newsInternationalMiddle_EastNationalNorway

THE WORLD THIS WEEK - The World This Year: 2013 in Review

They've broken the ice, but will 2013 be remembered as the year of the big thaw between Iran and the West Also, the backlash against the ... tags: Barack_ObamaBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponsdiplomacyHassan_RohaniIranSyria

First batch of chemical weapons taken out of Syria

The first batch of the most dangerous chemicals in Syria's arsenal was loaded onto a Danish ship on Tuesday and taken out of the country ... tags: batchchemicalChemical_WeaponsDestructionMiddle_EastRemovalUnited_Nations

US Ship to Destroy Syria's Chemical Weapons

The MV Cape Ray is preparing to leave Portsmouth, Virginia in about two weeks time, heading for the Mediterranean, where other nations' ... tags: Chemical_weaponsGeneral_newsMiddle_EastNationalSyriaWeapons_of_mass_destruction

Norway Prepares to Remove Syrian Chem. Weapons

Norwegian forces on ships off the coast of Cyprus are preparing to remove Syria's chemical weapons. Video supplied by the Norwegian armed ... tags: Chemical_weaponsCyprusEuropeGeneral_newsInternationalNorwayWeapons_of_mass_destruction

Who had the worst year in Washington?

Every Friday, The Fixaposs Chris Cillizza picks the political player who had the roughest week in D.C. As the year draws to a close, find ... tags: 2013_government_shutdown2013_government_shutdown_updateACA_exchangeACA_marketplaceaffordable_care_actAgnes_Carey_obamacareAppleby_obamacare

Syrian refugees: A cemetery, filled

Jordanians are buried in this cemetery but since civil war broke out in Syria, it has filled to capacity with Syrian fighters and refugees. tags: aleppoAssad_regimeBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponscivil_wardamascushrc

Syrian refugees: Khaled Habib

Khaled Habib lives in a 25-foot refrigeration trailer with his family. They fled from Hamah, Syria to Lebanon in late 2011. tags: aleppoAssad_regimeBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponscivil_wardamascushrc

Syrian refugees: Dania Amroosh

Dania Amroosh, 7, was recovering from wounds at a hospital in Kilis, Turkey. Shrapnel from a bombing tore her intestines, face and legs, as ... tags: aleppoAssad_regimeBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponscivil_wardamascushrc

Syrian refugees: Widow Fathiya Ahmed

With her six children, Fathiya Ahmed fled Aleppo after her husband was killed by a bomb. She now shares four rat-infested, cinderblock huts ... tags: aleppoAssad_regimeBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponscivil_wardamascushrc

Syrian refugees: A Zaatari camp wedding

Syrian refugees dance at the wedding of Youssef Mohammad Ahmed and his new wife, Samah, in the Zaatari refugee camp in Zaatari, Jordan on ... tags: aleppoAssad_regimeBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponscivil_wardamascushrc

Syrian refugees: Mahmoud Toufik Jaber

Palestinian Mahmoud Toufik Jaber, 68, has been displaced numerous times. Living with his wife, son and his wife and three children in ... tags: aleppoAssad_regimeBashar_al-Assadchemical_weaponscivil_wardamascushrc