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Nigella Lawson Says She's Moved On, Eats Chocolate

Having been humiliated by the British justice system, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson appeared on Good Morning America today to declare she's ... tags: Charles_SaatchiNigella_Lawson

Nigella aides 'relieved' after not guilty verdict

Richard Cannon, a lawyer for Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo says his clients 'are naturally relieved at the verdict of the jury', after ... tags: aidescharles_saatchiElisabetta_and_Francesca_Grillofraudlawyernigellanigella_lawson

Sisters cleared of Saatchi fraud

By Celia PaulThe jury at Isleworth Crown Court, west London, found Italian sisters Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo not guilty of a single ... tags: charles_saatchicourtsfraudgrillonewseurope_newsnigella_lawsonnot_guilty

Nigella accused of lying in court

By Leanne RinneElisabetta Grillo, 41, also said other members of the TV cook's 'Team Cupcake' lied in court. The defendant, who along with ... tags: accussedCharles_SaatchiElisabetta_GrilloFrancesca_GrilloLawsonlyingNewsEurope_News

Call to jury on PM Nigella comment

By Tom LeeseJudge Robin Johnson has urged jurors in the trial of Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo to ignore comments made about the Nigella ... tags: Charles_SaatchiCourtDavid_CameronElisabetta_GrilloFrancesca_GrilloIsleworthJudge_Robin_Johnson

Nigella in court for second day

By Iain ChambersTV cook Nigella Lawson has admitted using cocaine and spoke of the 'intimate terrorism' she suffered at the hands of former ... tags: Charles_SaatchiCocaineCourtDrugsLawsonNewsEurope_NewsNigella

Nigella Lawson Admits To Using Cocaine, Marijuana

In a shocking twist in a high-profile court case, Nigella Lawson has admitted to using both cocaine and marijuana. She said she'd rather be ... tags: charles_saatchidivorceelisabetta_grillofrancesca_grillomarijuananewsynigella_confesses

Saatchi 'threat to destroy Nigella'

By Charlotte PammentMs Lawson, 53, was greeted by dozens of photographers and television crews from around the world outside Isleworth ... tags: Charles_SaatchicourtcrownElisabetta_GrilloFrancesca_GrillofraudIsleworth

Credit cards 'were Nigella's idea'

By Iain ChambersThe millionaire art dealer, who went through a high-profile divorce from the TV cook earlier this year, said he was 'very ... tags: Charles_SaatchiCourtCredit_cardsElisabetta_GrilloFrancesca_GrilloNewsEurope_NewsNigella

Charles Saatchi arrives at court

Charles Saatchi has been questioned on details of his marriage to ex-wife Nigella Lawson while giving evidence in the trial of two former ... tags: Charles_Saatchiformer_pasisleworth_crown_courtitalian_sistersnigella_lawsonsaatchitv_chef

ShowBiz Minute: Duchess, Lawson, Parade

Duchess of Cambridge attends glamorous charity ball Nigella Lawson's aides 'spent 124K a month' Giant balloons steal the show at NYC's ... tags: Arts_and_entertainmentCelebrityCharles_SaatchiEnglandEntertainmentEuropeHolidays

Nigella PA's 'slave' outburst

By Leanne RinneRahul Gajjar, finance director for wealthy art dealer Mr Saatchi, told jurors that Elisabetta Grillo made the claim after he ... tags: Charles_SaatchicourtsElisabetta_Grillonewseurope_newsNigella_LawsonRahul_Gajjar