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Tomorrow Today | Studio guest - Dr. Henry Jäger

Dr. Jger researches at the Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry at Berlin's Technical University. tags: BerlincellsChemistryDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVFood

Video of the day | Cancers secrets

Why do cancer cells appear to survive indefinitely,while other body cells eventually die Molecular biologist Maria Blasco thinks she has ... tags: cancercellschromosomesDayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

The Battle Against Cancer | Tomorrow Today

Heidelberg researcher Andreas Trumpp and his team want to find out why some types of cancer are so resistant to chemotherapy. They hope to ... tags: CancercellsDeutscheDW-TVGermanystemTechnology

How to Link Cells in Different Excel Spreadsheets

This video accompanies the How to Link Cells in Different Excel Spreadsheets article on You will learn how to link data ... tags: cellsexcelhowlinklinkingmicrosoftspreadsheets

Baldness cure may be within reach

A new way to grow hair may be on its way. The procedure has only been tested on mice, but so far, the results have been promising. Angela ...

Scientists discover better way to transplant hair

Researchers have found a way to multiply the cells at the base of the hair that make hair follicles. They transplanted the cells onto human ...

L-Proline, the 'engine' of stem cells - L-Prolina, il 'motore' delle cellule staminali ...

Identificato un nuovo regolatore della motilit delle cellule staminali pluripotenti, cio il meccanismo che permette loro di muoversi e ...

Henrietta Lacks: Her DNA fueled medical breakthroughs

More than 60 years ago, Johns Hopkins researchers took cells from a cancer patient - cells that fueled medical breakthroughs, but were used ...

PYHC FEST 3 - Soirée Metal

Extraits de la soire metal du PYHC FEST 3 le 20 juillet 2013Avec Another TimeEmbryonic CellsIn ArkadiaLast TerritoryT.A.N.K tags: anotherarkadiacellsembryonicfestlastmetal

Chap # 4, Cell part 2

keep watching our channel for related topics. we are covering topics for Fsc student and are freely available... tags: andbiologyCellcellseukaryoticofprokaryotic