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NorthWest Economic Expedition Walla Walla Organic Mad Locals

Awesome Organic Rest. was the Bomb And we are upsetting the Locals with our coverage of Walla Walla tags: alexcelenteCollapseEconomicfaberg4tgeorge4title

'America lives in a fascist state' - Gerald Celente

The merger of corporate and government powers in modern America is plain and simple fascism, believes Gerald Celente, the founder of the ... tags: AmericaCelentecollapsecorporatefascismfascistGerald

Gerald Celente: Washington is Wall St. and Wall St. is Washington

The founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente, shared his thoughts on Obama's new initiative and the politicization of the ... tags: BarackCelentedollareconomyFederalGeraldObama

Obama's Financial Overhaul

As Barack Obama plans a financial overhaul by increasing regulation and government oversight of the financial sector, some economists ... tags: BarackCelenteeconomyFederalGeraldObamaPeter

Celente: 'G8 is weak'

Is the G8 actually capable of solving the worlds financial problems The founder and director of the Trend Research Institute in the US ... tags: CelenteforecastGeraldinstituteresearchsummittrends

Switch away from dollar could bankrupt US economy - Celente

Most international trade is done in dollars, but if it is abandoned for another currency, China and other suppliers may no longer want to ... tags: CelenteChinacurrencydebtdollarGeraldsupplier

Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington DC

Although Wall Street seems to be optimistic about economic recovery in the near future, economists like George Soros and Gerald Celente ... tags: bailoutsbankCelenteDinaGeraldGusovskyRussia

Celente on 2010: Wave of Terror, Internet revolt & War on migration

What does the new year and new decade have in store for the World Is the financial crisis over Will Afghanistan be won and terrorism be ... tags: 2010CelenteforecastforecasterGeraldtrend

Celente: Banks gambling with taxpayer money

Despite US President Barack Obama's speech today, little is likely to change since there are no real consequences for banks that have ... tags: AIGbailoutbarackcelentegeraldgoldmaninstitute

Celente: SOTU was a pep rally for Obama

The morning after Barack Obama's first State of the Union speech, Gerald Celente says that the speech was just political theater and that ... tags: AIGbanksbarackcapitalismcelenteGeraldinstitute

Gerald Celente on 'grim' economic report

The annual Economic Report of the President was released yesterday and it's pretty gloomy - predicting slow employment growth this year and ... tags: barackcelenteeconomiceconomygeraldlaurenlyster

Gerald Celente: Great 2010 Crash is looming

Follow RT at and at An attempt to turn around the financial sector. Here in Washington, the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee has ... tags: CelentecollapsecrisiseconomicFederalfinancialGerald