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Officer Sean Collier is fourth victim of bombing suspects

According to police, 26-year-old MIT campus police officer Sean Collier was shot and killed by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the two ...

Runner's photo caught suspect fleeing marathon

Scott Pelley and John Miller take a closer look at a photograph taken by a Boston Marathon runner after one of the explosions - and it ...

Special Report: Boston bombings update

Massachusetts elected officials, the FBI and Boston police officials spoke to the public about the next steps in the investigation of the ...

Foursquare aims to save users money

When Dennis Crowley started Foursquare in 2009, he simply wanted it to be a playful experience for its users. Four years later, the ...

CBS News poll: Strong support for tougher gun laws

A new CBS News poll shows strong support for tougher gun laws in the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn. Tetiana Anderson reports.

Exit polls: What do they tell us?

CBS News exit polling provided a lot of voter data and showed what factors influenced their votes. CBS News' Anthony Mason reports.

Thousands of LEDs to light up SF-Oakland Bay Bridge

Artist Leo Villareal has created a large-scale LED sculpture that will enliven the Bay Bridge for the next two years. CBS This Morning's ...

What will Obama address in his second inaugural speech?

President Obama's inaugural address sets the tone for his term. Deputy Chief Speechwriter to President Clinton Jeff Shesol talks about the ...

Growing up in the White House

Most would probably think that life as the offspring of a president would be terribly constraining, but as presidential historian Doug Wead ...

Time Lapse: Monolation

Visually stunning time-lapse video of breathtaking landscapes. Video courtesy of Jess Dunlap, on Vimeo here and Twitter here.

Watch: Runaway suspect attempts to steal police cars

A man who ran from a Texas courthouse while being moved into jail is back in custody after trying to steal two police cars.

Watch: Courtroom birthday cake smasher

Surveillance video shows a scuffle that erupts over nine-year-old's birthday cake at Cowlitz County Hall of Justice in Washington state.