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Cleaner Vietnam - Biogas from Cassava | Global 3000

Vietnam is one of the 10 biggest producers of cassava in the world. Its manufacture involves generating large quantities of wastewater. The ... tags: cassavaclimate_changedaklakdeutsche_welleemissionsglobalideasglobalization

Ghana - Prosperity through cassava | Global 3000

Cassava is a major staple in Ghana. It is a food crop and can also be used to make bioplastic. The problem is that cassava goes off quickly ...

Breakfast Cereal Bars: Good or Bad?

\n\n Internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola reviews the nutritional contents of different breakfast or cereal ... tags: bars,breakfastbars,carbohydrates,cerealbars,cocoabars,drbars,southbeachbreakfast

Imagine Creating: Making Adire Cloth

Adire is a resist-dye technique used by the Yoruba culture of Nigeria. Watch how this traditional technique for creating beautifully ... tags: Africa batik cassava cloth culture dye Fabric

From Fields to Families: The Life Sustaining Cassava

07/29/11 -- From Fields to Families The Life Sustaining Cassava In Ewe. Episode 1715, Air Date 26 May 2011. tags: Cassava Ewe Families Fields Life Master Sustaining

Paraguayan Mandi'o Chyryry (Savory Golden Fried Cassava)

-- Paraguayan Mandi'o Chyryry Savory Golden Fried Cassava. Episode 1702, Air Date 13 May 2011. tags: Cassava Chyryry cook cooking food Fried Golden

Luci Lock Cooking Chocolate Chilli Cheesecake

\n\n Luci Lock of show how to cook Chocolate Chilli Cheesecake using Cocoa Cassava Bar. By mercola\n\n Tags Luci Lock, ... tags: bar,drcassavacheesecake,cocoachilliLock,chocolateLucimercola,health,mercola

Sugar can destroy your health!

Many of the energy bars on the market today are so loaded with less-than-optimal fats and loads of sugar that they aren't any better than ... tags: barcassavacocoacuredietdoctordr

The Inoculated Mind, June 29 2006. (Episode 42)

Ants count steps while walking, symbiotic fungus does not need ants to reproduce, Speed limit proposed to save Right Whales, carotenoids ... tags: antioxidantantscarotenecassavacolbertcyanideeducation

The Inoculated Mind, June 8 2006. (Episode 39)

General Motors takes an environmental jump backwards with new incentive plan, more ethanol from your corn, new millipede with a record ... tags: alienscassavadebunkeducationfigfootballgenetics