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The most High tech restaurant : Automated Japanese restaurant without waiters! So cool!

The robot apocalypse has officially begun and it's starting at our sushi restaurants. Although conveyor belt sushi restaurants are hardly ...

Factotum - Clip - Cashier

Henry Chinaski works in factories and warehouses to support what he really wants to do drink, take up with women and write. tags: CashierClipComedyFactotumRomance

Supermarket Cashier Refused to Serve Woman on Cell Phone

The supermarket chain, Sainsbury's has recently issued an apology to a woman, who was refused service because she was talking on a cell ... tags: cashiercellcustomeronphonerefusessainsburys

Little Birds - Trailer #1

Little Birds 2011 - Trailer 1 - Lily Juno Temple and Alison Kay Panabaker face a life-changing event after they leave their Salton Sea home ... tags: AlisonArto_SaariBonnie_MullerCarlos_Pena,_Jr.CashierChris_CoyDavid

Classroom Presentation

The Station Agent 2003 - Classroom Presentation - Fin Peter Dinklage gives a lecture about trains in Cleo8217s Raven Goodwin classroom. tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

Walking the Right of Way

The Station Agent 2003 - Walking the Right of Way - Fin Peter Dinklage, Joe Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Patricia Clarkson spend an afternoon ... tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

Bon Appetit!

The Station Agent 2003 - Bon Appetit - Joe Bobby Cannavale cooks for his new friends Fin Peter Dinklage and Olivia Patricial Clarkson. tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

A New Neighbor

The Station Agent 2003 - A New Neighbor - Fin Peter Dinklage gets his share of attention on the first day in his new neighborhood. tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

Housewarming/Apology Gift

The Station Agent 2003 - Housewarming/Apology Gift - Olivia Patricia Clarkson welcomes Fin Peter Dinklage to the neighborhood by offering ... tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

Train Chasing Premiere

The Station Agent 2003 - Train Chasing Premiere - Fin Peter Dinklage and Joe Bobby Cannavale premiere their train chasing video at ... tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

You Timed Me?

The Station Agent 2003 - You Timed Me - Fin Peter Dinklage agrees to sit in the lounge under the condition that Joe Bobby Cannavale ... tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily

Fin Meets Joe

The Station Agent 2003 - Fin Meets Joe - Joe Bobby Cannavale greets his new neighbor Fin Peter Dinklage. tags: Bobby_CannavaleCarlCashierChrisCleoDavidEmily