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I Met a Guy

At First Sight 1999 - I Met a Guy - Amy Mira Sorvino returns from vacation cheerful and refreshed, and admits to her co-workers, including ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

The Unveiling

At First Sight 1999 - The Unveiling - Dr. Aaron Bruce Davison removes the bandages from Virgil8217s Val Kilmer eyes for the first time ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

Virgil's Progress

At First Sight 1999 - Virgil's Progress - Dr. Aaron Bruce Davison hosts a conference on Virgil8217s Val Kilmer post-operation progress. tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

Falling in Love

At First Sight 1999 - Falling in Love - Falling in the snow gives Virgil Val Kilmer and Amy Mira Sorvino an opportunity to get closer ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

What Beautiful Looks Like

At First Sight 1999 - What Beautiful Looks Like - After the operation, Amy Mira Sorvino takes Virgil Val Kilmer back to her place where he ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

At First Sight - Trailer #1

At First Sight 1999 - Trailer 1 - A blind man Val Kilmer decides to undergo eye surgery to be able to see after falling in love. tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

Virgil Gives Up

At First Sight 1999 - Virgil Gives Up - After Virgil Val Kilmer starts to go blind again, he decides to move back home because he feels ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

Seeing with His Ears

At First Sight 1999 - Seeing with His Ears - Virgil Val Kilmer and Amy Mira Sorvino share an intimate moment when he shares with her how ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline

Learning to See

At First Sight 1999 - Learning to See - Virgil Val Kilmer and Amy Mira Sorvino visit visual physiotherapist Phil Webster Nathan Lane, who ... tags: Amy_BenicBetsy_ErnstBrett_RobbinsBruce_DavisonCarl_J._MatusovichCarl_KiplingCaroline