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Carbon Dioxide Videos by Popular

EDF Climate Corps: Cities and Universities

1.2 trillion -- that's how much energy savings is available in the United States by 2020. EDF Climate Corps helps cities and universities ... tags: carbon dioxideClimate CorpsEnergy EffifiencyEnvironmental Defense FundfellowsPowerreduce emissions

Climate Change Solutions from Africa - Spekboom

Planting Spekboom, a South African succulent that absorbs huge quantities of carbon dioxide, is creating jobs and helping check climate ... tags: Carbon DioxideClimate ChangeEarth FocusEnvironmentJeff BarbeeJobslinktv

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is believed to be a main contributor to climate change although it is a naturally occurring element in the atmosphere and a ... tags: Atmosphere Byproduct Carbon Dioxide Climate Change Combustion Environment Fossil-fuel

Reply to 'CO2 Contributed by Human Activity: 12 to 15ppmv / version 1' found here:

11/15/11 How and why scientists know it's currently 111 ppm Atmospheric cyanide fatality dose for human adults 270 ... tags: anthropogenic carbon Carbon Dioxide caused change climate Desertphile

UNDERWATER VOLCANO: Offshore eruptions in Canary Islands

An underwater volcano off the coast of the Spanish island of El Hierro has begun to erupt, releasing potentially toxic gasses. Report by ... tags: Canary Islands carbon dioxide erupt eruptions gases island Spain

Eric's perspective

Mara Bun, CEO, Green Cross Australia talks with Eric Fetzer, JPL Atmospheric Scientist, NASA about climate scepticism. Visit ... tags: Australiacarbon dioxideclimate changeCrossGreenNASAscience

Life in Future Acidic Seas

Some rare undersea volcanic vents that emit carbon dioxide -- which makes the water around them more acidic -- have given Stanford ... tags: carbon dioxide ecology environmental science global warming oceancarbon dioxideecology