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Intel report reveals N. Korea capable of nuclear weapon

Asked by Rep. Doug Lamborn, R-Colo., whether he agrees with a Defense Intelligence Agency report that assessed 'with moderate confidence ...

Intel: NK has nuclear missile capability

For the first time, a U.S. intelligence agency has said that North Korea has capability of adding nuclear weapon to tip of missile. David ...

NRA gives is suggestions for school safety

The gun lobby put together a special task force to look at the issue after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and give their ...

PS4 And Xbox One Specs "Almost Identical"

A quick roundup of some of the latest news on the PS4 and Xbox One. Which one should you get According to Id Software developer John ... tags: alwayscapabilitycarmackcontroversyjohnoneonline

VIDEO: We Hear Every Dream Campaign by KFC

In a KFC campaign, they captured the hearts of an entire nation when KFCs top executives were the first to volunteer for the project by ... tags: ANDBRANDSBUILDINGCAPABILITYCULTUREDIVERSITYHUMAN

U.S. downplays North Korean nuclear missile capabilities

White House spokesman Jay Carney adds his voice Friday to a chorus of U.S. officials seeking to downplay a Pentagon report stating that ... tags: capabilitydeploydownplaysKoreaLutterbeckmissilenuclear

Apple unveils new iPhone 5

Apple has unveiled its fastest, thinnest iPhone yet, 18 per cent thinner and 20 per cent lighter than the iPhone 4S. Report by Fosterso. ... tags: 4GApplebiggercapabilitydisplayiPhoneretina

Robot Rodeo

A series of bombs were diffused at Sandia national labs in New Mexico. But this time It was a training exercise using robots. tags: 7thbombCapabilitydefusediffusionExercisemilitary

Enhancing graduate inter-cultural capability and embedding IoC at Griffith Universlty, Australia

From implicit to explicit Enhancing graduate inter-cultural capability and embedding IoC at Griffith Universlty, Australia. Professor ... tags: and/or attributes Barker capability crosscultural cultural curriculum