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NISSAN BRIEFCASE - Awesome short movie!

For Nissan Rogue, an ordinary drive is anything but ordinary. See what happens when an average Uber ride turns into the ride of a lifetime ... tags: adsawsomebriefcasecampaigncarcommercial_filmmovie

Le photographe de Marc Jacobs a refusé de travailler avec Miley Cyrus

Marc Jacobs a t forc de travailler avec un photographe diffrent pour sa dernire campagne de pub parce que Juergen Teller a refus de ... tags: British_voice_overcampaigncelebrtiyfashionJuergen_tellerMarc_JacobsMiley_Cyrus

Marc Jacobs Photographer Refused to Work With Miley Cyrus

Marc Jacobs is forced to use a different photographer for his latest campaign as Juergen Teller refuses to shoot Miley Cyrus. tags: British_voice_overcampaigncelebrtiyfashionJuergen_tellerMarc_JacobsMiley_Cyrus

WEB NEWS - African migrants protest Israel detention law

In this edition African migrants' ongoing protests in Israel Chinas leaders urged to show more transparency and what its like to be a ... tags: buzzcampaignfrance24hi-techhitechimmigrationInternet

Security tight in Baghdad as air strikes pound Anbar

Security is tightened in Baghdad Wednesday as heavy clashes between Iraqi forces and Sunni militants continue in Anbar province. Footage ... tags: airBaghdadcampaigncontinuesgovernmentpoundprovince

Relief arrives in Central African Republic

Relief arrives in Central African Republic. This is welcome news for some of the 100,000 people displaced by the conflict now living at a ... tags: arrivescampcampaignCentralDoctorsmakeshiftmeasles

John Abraham's NGO Connect

John Abrham Connects with an NGO event and extends his full support for a noble and good causeWatch us on www.vvidia.tvIdea Cellular users ... tags: AbrahamBollywoodCampaignCauseEventJohnJohn_Abraham

WEB NEWS - Egyptian puppet accused of terrorism

In this edition an Egyptian puppet is accused of terrorism 'Mok-Bang' is South Koreas new Internet trend and a stunning display from three ... tags: advertisingbuzzcampaignEgyptfrance24hi-techhitech

Amazing TV Ads against Speed and road security - Mistakes

No one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed we choose to travel at needs to ... tags: accidentcampaigncrashroadRoyaume-Unispeedspeed_ad

WEB NEWS - Cambodia launches crackdown on opposition

In this edition online reports of the violent crackdown on opposition activists in Cambodia coping with the severe cold weather in the US ... tags: buzzCambodiacampaignfrance24hi-techhitechInternet