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Calling Long Distance Videos by Popular

CLD78 Dollar Store

Show Seventy-Eight and Gabe has an arts and crafts agenda that will make Martha Stewart wish she was back in jail. But not before he's ... tags: callingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecomedydistancefranciscogabe

CLD76 Gabe the Pinata

Show 76 and Gabe tells ALL about his mexa-rican birthday. Jonathan dishes the details of his dating drama and someone is trying to make ... tags: bestbest podcastbest_podcastcallingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecome

CLD75 Higaytus

CLD75 Higaytus Gabe is accompanied by his biggest fan for the whole of this show.It's birthday a go-go as Gabe is busy planning for his ... tags: bestbest gay podcast on the webcallingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecomecomedy

VIDCAST: Update from the Photoshoot

VIDCAST A booze break for the boys mid-shoot for their documentary, on the set of their photoshoot in London.Check the documentary now ... tags: asassinat the same timecallingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecomedydistance

VIDCAST: Sneak Peak On Set with Jonathan and Gabe

VIDCAST Behind the scenes with the boys whilst filming for their documentary on the set of their photoshoot in London.THE ONLY SHOW TO ... tags: at the same time!callingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecomedydistancefrancisco

CLD67 Tom Cruise's Beard

Show 67-It's a train wreck of a show from the beginning. Jonathan get's a very stimulating gadget whilst Gabe checks-in at the clinic. ... tags: at the same timebeardbestbest gay podcastbest_gay_podcastbitchcalling

VIDCAST: Ring My Bell '07

VIDCAST WE came, WE saw, WE gagged. Jonathan and Gabe of gay podcast Calling Long Distance return to Ring My Bell one year after their ... tags: at the same timebestbest gay podcastbest_gay_podcastcallingcalling long distancecalling_long_distance

CLD65 Tales from LA LA Land

CLD65 It's gossip a go-go as the two podcasting Co-homo's get down to what really happened whilst Jonathan was stateside. From London to ... tags: bestbest gay podcastbest_gay_podcastcallingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecomedy

CLD64 Rawhide!

WATCH US ON RING MY BELL, JUNE 1, 11am PST/7pm UKShow Sixty-Four and Gabe is stiff as a board, but not quite light as a feather whilst ... tags: ag unit framesag_unit_framesaj hawk wedding photosauctioneerbestbest podcastbest_podcast

CLD55 Daddy Bar Dive

Show 55 Gabe takes us all out with him for a drink in the Castro. Except it's not one of the hotspots he usually shakes his bits in, but ... tags: callingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancecomecomedydistancefrancisco

CLD54 FIVE Times a Night Yoga

Show 54 Gabe's idea goes 100 according to plan and he ends up with a catch, at the End Up - what he didn't know was that this fish would ... tags: bestbest gay podcastbest_gay_podcastcallingcalling long distancecalling_long_distancechav