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February 19th: Skilling Brain Cells

An Enron-sized bender turns its former president into the dumbest guy in the room. tags: Business_Legalcalendardrunkdumbenronhistoryjeffrey_skilling

What You Should Look For in a Lawyer, from Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred lists the qualities that you should look for when choosing a lawyer to represent you in court. tags: Business_Legalfinding_a_lawyerforgloria_allredlawyerlookMarlo_Thomas

The Funded's Adeo Ressi On Angel Investing Regulation

Evelyn Rusli interviews the Funded's Adeo Ressi on Angel Investment and Washington regulation of the industry. tags: Adeoadeo_ressiAngelangel_investing_legislationAngel_Investing_Regulationangel_investmentAngel_Investment_Law

Reid Hoffman on Patents' Restrictive Effect

Reid Hoffman was my guest on Ask a VC this week, although he still considers himself more of an entrepreneur than a VC. In this part of the ... tags: ask_a_vcBusiness_LegalEffectHoffmanLacyReidPatents'Patent_and_Business

Drafting A Will For Pet Owners

Editor at Large Jill Schlesinger has financial advice for everyone - including pet owners Here's what you need to do to make sure your ... tags: Business_LegalCareDraftingEditor_At_LargeForfree_financial_adviceJill_Schlesinger

Blackjack Scam

San Diego News 10 video of a blackjack scam.CREDITS 10 News San Diego tags: blackjackBusiness_Legaldiegonewssanscamvideo

Power of Attorney

Learn what a Power of Attorney means in this personal finance terms video tutorial. tags: 101AttorneyBusiness_LegalEstate_Planning_DocumentfinancefinancePowerfinance_dictionary

How to Get a Liquor License

Navigating through red tape to get a liquor license takes time, patience, money and sometimes a guiding hand experienced with your locale's ... tags: applyBusiness_LegalforGetgettingHowHowcast

How to Defend Yourself Against a False Sexual Harassment Charge

Defending yourself against a false sexual harassment charge made in the workplace can be an expensive and complicated process. Protect ... tags: AgainstallegationsBusiness_LegalchargechargeHowDefendFalse

Alan Greenspan on Intellectual Property Protection

Former Reserve Bank head Alan Greenspan talks about protection of intellectual property in America, tags:

Robert Badinter's Experience in French Death Penalty Cases

Robert Badinter, the French Minister of Justice between 1981 and 1986, led the battle to abolish the death penalty in France. He became a ... tags: BadinterRobertBadintersBusiness_Legalcapital_punishmentCasesDeathdeath_penalty

How European Courts Surpass the U.S. Supreme Court

Are these truly perilous times for democracy - times of uncertainty and instability What role does the Supreme Court play in this ... tags: American_legal_cultureBob_KerreyBusiness_LegalCourtCourtHowCourtsEuropean