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Prime(Hindi) - Bureaucracy - 4 Nov 2013

PrimeHindi - Bureaucracy - 4 Nov 2013

Hardship continues for migrants who make it to Lampedusa

Migrants who survive the dangerous trip across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to this island of Lampedusa face overcrowded camps ...

Britain: Anti-EU Sentiment | European Journal

Many people in Britain have long had major doubts about their country's membership in the European Union. At the end of October, Prime ...

German education: from bureaucracy to philosophy

This edition of Learning World goes to Germany to explore the different education systems available, depending on your address, your ... tags: bureaucracyEducationeducation:euronewsfromGermanGermany

“Haiti: Where did the money go?” Directed by Michele Mitchell

In this edition of the show Faiza Ahmed reviews the film Haiti Where did the money go, directed by Michele Mitchell. tags: bureaucracycommunityearthquakeHaitiinternationalMicheleMitchell

Ein Leben mit der Duldung (Appolain Siewe) Trailer

Watch the whole film here and Mrs. Lucau-Ndombele and their three children have been living in Berlin with a temporarily suspended ... tags: AngolaAppolainbureaucracyderDuldungEinGerman

Ban Ki-moon's methods of diplomacy questioned - 01 Jul 09

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, is halfway through his five-year term. So far he has developed a reputation as a quiet bureaucrat. ... tags: banbureaucracydiplomacyJazeerasJohnmoonnations

Greek bureaucracy stifling economy

One of the biggest burdens affecting Greece's troubled economy is an inefficient public sector.Barnaby Phillips reports from Athens on how ... tags: aljazeeraathensbarnabybureaucracyeuropenewsgreeceinefficient

Germany Needs Immigrants

The German Economics Minister is now calling for premiums to attract specialists from abroad -- but Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn't like ... tags: AngelabrüderlebureaucracyeuropeGermanyimmigrationMerkel

Dangers of buying virtual flats

Moscow property prices are among the highest in the world, but the trick is that even after cashing out, buyers not always can move in. ... tags: bureaucracydelayestatefraudMoscowpriceproperty

Woman Confined to a Bunker

A woman in central Russia has had her life torn apart after her house caught fire and burned to cinders. Now she cannot rebuild her home ... tags: bureaucracy

Russian cities poorly equipped for disabled

Bureaucracy can be a big enough challenge in Russia, even if you're able-bodied, but if you're living with a disability and the nearest ... tags: BureaucracycitydisabilityRussiatransport