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Bryan Singer Videos - 4 by Popular

I'm Smarter Than You

The Usual Suspects 1994 - I'm Smarter Than You - Agent Kujan Chazz Palminteri promises 8220Verbal8221 Kint Kevin Spacey that he will get ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Old MacDonald Shot Some Guys

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Old MacDonald Shot Some Guys - Keaton Gabriel Byrne, McManus Stephen Baldwin and Hockney Kevin Pollak attack the ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

The Usual Suspects - Trailer #1

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Trailer 1 - A boat has been destroyed, criminals are dead, and the key to this mystery lies with the only ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Keaton Was Keyser Soze

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Keaton Was Keyser Soze - Kujan Chazz Palminteri explains that Keaton Gabriel Byrne was Keyser Soze, but Verbal ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled

The Usual Suspects 1994 - The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled - When the puzzle finally becomes clear, Kujan Chazz Palminteri realizes ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Usual Suspects Lineup

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Usual Suspects Lineup - Each of the 8220usual suspects8221 gives their unique take on the dialogue provided at ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Who's the Gimp?

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Who's the Gimp - The suspects get to know each other while stewing in jail. tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Fear Keyser Soze

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Fear Keyser Soze - Verbal Kevin Spacey tells Kujan Chazz Palminteri a story about the vicious Keyser Soze. tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Bad Day

The Usual Suspects 1994 - Bad Day - Keaton Gabriel Byrne can8217t pull the trigger when a guy won8217t give up the case, so Verbal Kevin ... tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

New York's Finest

The Usual Suspects 1994 - New York's Finest - The suspects teach a hard lesson to the dirty cops in the area. tags: Benicio_del_ToroBryan_SingerChazz_PalminteriDan_HedayaDave_KujanDean_KeatonEdie_Finneran

Bobby Comes Out

X2 2003 - Bobby Comes Out - When Bobby Shawn Ashmore reveals to his family that he is a mutant, his brother Ronny James Kirk does not react ... tags: Aaron_StanfordAlan_CummingAnna_PaquinBrian_CoxBruce_DavisonBryan_SingerColossus

Mystique Tricks Logan

X2 2003 - Mystique Tricks Logan - Logan Hugh Jackman shares a steamy kiss with Jean Famke Janssen, then learns he8217s been duped by ... tags: Aaron_StanfordAlan_CummingAnna_PaquinBrian_CoxBruce_DavisonBryan_SingerColossus