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my heart is chained to you (brooke/sam)

Wish 12 Brooke/Sam - Megan octobereighthSong Not Strong EnoughArtist ApocalypticaBackup 'Even if I try to win the fight, my heart ... tags: brooke davis my heart is chained to you one tree hill oth sam winchester sam/brooke spn

b / s • [crossover] || nightmeres

OTH amp SPN CROSSOVERPairing Brooke Davis/ Sam WinchesterquotI have these nightmeres and sometimes... they come ... tags: brooke_samcrossoverNonprofitoth_spn

the most beautiful thing (mikey's wish)

Song Airport DiscoArtist AthleteBackup 'I saw you at the center of it all, the most beautiful thing.'Editor's Notes TIME TO GRANT ... tags: AirportAthleteBeautifulBrookeBrooke_SamBushDavis

Dean Brooke Sam - Disintegration

This is my new vidI really hope you like it, because it took about 3 hours to render itPlease rate and commentThe storyDean and ... tags: ashleyrickardsbreanbrookedavisbrookesamcrossoverdeanbrookedeansam

Brooke & Sam~Poison

I lost inspiration in this video a long time ago, but then I got sick and decided to just finished it. The song cut is blah and some of the ... tags: BramBrookeBrooke_SamCrossoverDavisHillNonprofit

Brooke Sam - Cosmic Love [Request from TheDebie24]

This Bram vid was a request from TheDebie24I hope she likes it and the others tooPlease rate and commentSong Cosmic Love by Florence ... tags: brambrookedavisbrookesamcosmiclovecrossoverEntertainmentflorenceandthemachiene

Brooke Sam - Where I stood [Request from SamWinchesterforever]

This vid was a request from SamWinchesterforever and my first Bram vidI know its not the best, because I have no practice in vidding ... tags: brambrookedavisbrookesamcrossoverEntertainmentjaredpadaleckiemissyhiggins

hunters (brooke/sam)

Song HowlArtist Florence + the MachineDL quotIf you could only see, the beast you made of me .. be careful of the curse that falls on ... tags: AliveAndrewsBantumBrookeBrooke_SamBushDavis

Sam and Brooke | Airplanes

This video was a nightmare to render. Everytime I tried it would get to about 2 and Vegas would just close itself down or freeze Vegas is ... tags: airplanesbrambrookebrooke_samcouturelustNonprofitsam

the devil's got your hands (brooke/sam)

Warning MUCHO sexual content. Viewer beware.Song Feel Good DragArtist AnberlinDL Poor Sammy, he never stood a chance.Editor's ... tags: BrookeBrooke_SamBushDavisDevil'sDragFeel