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Breakthrough budget passed in US House of Representatives

The US House of Representatives has passed a breakthrough budget deal, avoiding a government shutdown in January.This result has laid the ... tags: American_budgetAmerican_politicsBreakthroughbudgetHousepassedRepresentatives

Test tube children pay tribute

By McAvaney NickLouise Brown plants a tree in memory of her parents, who were the first to successfully undergo in vitro fertilisation. tags: babybreakthroughfrankenbabiesin_vitro_fertilisationivfmedicalnewseurope_news

Li-Tec – German technology | Made in Germany

Too big, too heavy, and too easily exhausted batteries for electric cars are not good enough for light, fast vehicles that cover large ... tags: batteriesbreakthroughcarselectronicGermanLi-Teclithium

Kerry flies to London after breakthrough Iranian nuclear agreement

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry flew from London to Geneva on Sunday to meet British and Libyan ... tags: agreementbreakthroughCutfliesGenevaIranianKerry

Geneva breakthrough as Iranian nuclear deal reached

It is only a first-step agreement, but it felt like a full-blown waltz for some of the negotiators in Geneva in the early hours of Sunday ... tags: breakthroughdealGenevaIranIraniannuclearNuclear_Energy

Breakthrough nuclear agreement reached between Iran and six world powers

Iran and six world powers reached a breakthrough agreement early on Sunday to curb Tehrans nuclear program in exchange for limited ... tags: agreementandbetweenBreakthroughGenevaIrannuclear

UFC Breakthrough - Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson, the UFC's first-ever flyweight champion, talks us through his favorite Octagon performance -- his hometown title ... tags: breakthroughchampiondemetriousfavorite_perfomanceflyweightfox_9john

Baldness cure may be within reach

A new way to grow hair may be on its way. The procedure has only been tested on mice, but so far, the results have been promising. Angela ...

Iran presents proposal on nuclear standoff

At the start of talks in Geneva with six world powers - Iran presents its proposals - aimed at a breakthrough over its disputed nuclear ...

PETMAN robot tests chemical protection clothing

Funded by the U.S. Defense Department, PETMAN is a robot designed to test chemical protection clothing for soldiers in the most realistic ...

HIV-infected infant cured

Doctors say a baby in Mississippi born with HIV has been cured after receiving aggressive treatment just 30 hours after birth. Dr. Anthony ...

Breakthrough: Robotic limbs moved by the mind

Humans can now move robotic limbs using only their thoughts and, in some cases, even get sensory feedback from their robotic hands. Scott ...