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Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 114

So Apple just released a 'resolutionary' iPad. Big deal. The really interesting product here is the new Apple TV, which is at the forefront ...


reportage marirosyan / Slis Gamboa

Special: Asustor AS-602T NAS & MediaPlayer

In dieser Sendung schauen wir uns ein NAS System von Asustor an, den Asustor AS-602T NAS MediaPlayer. Notizen zur Sendung Aktuelles von ... tags: 602tasasustorboxeemediaplayernasplex

Angry Birds Creators Release Bad Piggies. Play as the Pigs! - AppJudgment

Rovio's new game Bad Piggies has arrived on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Check out our first impression of the crazy contraption game on ... tags: badboxeefieldgamepigpiggiesreview

Streaming Media Shootout: Find Out Which System Is Your Best Choice! - GeekBeat.TV

There are a bunch of ways to bring streaming media straight to your TV including Google TV, Yahoo Connected TV, Boxee, Roku, Apple TV Game ... tags: applebeatboxeegeekmediaplaystationstreaming

What is the Best Streaming Media Player?

Technology Guru, Veronica Belmont, discusses and compares four major brands of streaming Internet playersSony, Apple, Roku and Boxeeto help ... tags: BelmontboxeemediastreamingtvVeronicavideo

Kindle Fire & Our Entertainment Holiday Gift Guide! - GeekBeat.TV

The Amazon Kindle Fire started landing in people's hands today And we've got some geeky gift suggestions to keep people on your list well ... tags: arcadeboxboxeecalicamerasgadgetsgeekbeat

Cord Cutters: Boxee TV Unboxing

We've got our hands on one of the first Boxee TV units before it officially went on sale this week. Here's what's in the box.Powered by ... tags: BoxeeCordCutters

Disney's Home Theater Helper, Green Tech? Try a Sweater!, Search Out DRM Locked Files, Fix Blu-rays ...

Prius GPS updates cost a bundle, Disney does calibration World of Wonder Blu-ray, use Zune software to remove locked files, HD home movie ... tags: amazon_primeblockblu-rayboxeecalibratecalibrationcomodo