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How To Relieve Constipation

Watch this video to get a quick grasp about constipation, why it occurs, and different methods of treatment. First, you may try changing ... tags: bowelsconstipationconstipation_curesdietHealthlaxativeslifestyle

Understanding Peptic Ulcers

Recurring stomach pain that doesn't respond to antacids or diet changes may be a sign of an ulcer. There are many kinds of this digestive ... tags: antacidsbowelsdigestive_healthduodenal_ulcerduodenumgastric_ulcersguts:_Health

Treating IBD with Surgery

People with ulcerative colitis may find that a colectomy or ileoanal anastomosis surgery will return them to digestive health. And those ... tags: bowelscolectomycolonCrohn's_diseasedigestive_healthdigestive_tractguts:_Health

Treating IBD with Medication

Inflammatory bowel disease can be treated with medication. Drugs like Asacol, Pentasa and Lialda ease symptoms and also put these digestive ... tags: asacolbalsalazidebowelscolazacolitiscolon_cancercrohns_disease

Is that your Breath? by GloZell Is that your breath or did you just fart!

The stinch of her breath hurt my feelings...Please Subscribe to GloZell on YouTube Like GloZell's Official Fan Page Follow GloZell on ... tags: air Bowels breath breathing brush did fresh

Episode 4

Deep within the bowels of the planet Magrathea, Arthur learns a startling thing or town about his home planet of Earth and some of its ... tags: AnswersArthurbowelsComputerCreaturedinnerfurry_inhabitants

Secretory Diarrhea

Secretory diarrhea occurs when an infection or virus causes the body to make too much water, which is released into the bowels. tags: bowelsbowel_movementsdiarrheadiarrhea_causesHealth_Conditions_Illnessesloose_stoolSecretory_diarrheasecretory_diarrhea

Bowels No Move

Who's on First, Johnny Fuckerfaster and Bowels No Move -- I love and hate these jokes. Teepee full of shitShared by Penn SaysOn Monday, ... tags: @pennsaysatheistBowelsfirstfuckerfasterhatejillette

High Frequency of Bowel Movements

What does it mean if you have more than 2 or 3 bowel movements a day Is it normal Dr. Toomas Sorra, MD, Attending Gastroenterologist at ... tags: Bowelbowelsbowel_movementdigestive_systemFrequencyHealth_General_HealthHigh