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HipMojo 23: Growth through Bootstrapping vs. VC Fundraising

In show 23 of HipMojo, WatchMojo producer and host Rebecca Brayton steps in for CT and interviews Ash about startup life and running a ... tags: ashkan_karbasfrooshanbootstrappingbusinesscanadacontentfundinghipmojo

HipMojo 24: What to Avoid When Fundraising

In show 24 of HipMojo, Ash and interim co-host Rebecca look at some practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to raise money from ... tags: ash_karbasfrooshanbootstrappingbusinesscapitalcontententrepreneursfinance

HipMojo 25: Highs and Lows of WatchMojo After 6 Years

In show 25 of HipMojo, WatchMojo producer and host Rebecca Brayton interviews Ash about some of the highlights and lowlights of WatchMojos ... tags: advertisingashkan_karbasfrooshanbootstrappingcontentfundinghipmojomontreal

Why Most Businesses Can't Be Sold and 5 Fixes

After working with hundreds of business owners over the last 10 years, certified business broker Julie Gordon White discovered a pattern of ... tags: bizbootstrappingbusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_CareersBusiness_Management_MarketingBusiness_News

Don't Give A Gift Card: Give An Experience

Ety Rybak feels that nothing beats a memorable experience 8211 from tickets to a Broadway show anda backstage meet and greet to 50 yard ... tags: AdvicebizbootstrappingbusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_CareersBusiness_Management_Marketing

It's Never Too Late: But Why Wait?

As many of us know, life doesn8217t always unfold the way we want it to. And many times, an unusual event or occurrence can act as a ... tags: bizbootstrappingbusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_CareersBusiness_Management_MarketingBusiness_News

Tidal Power and America's Energy Future

There8217s a renewable energy source out there 8211 the ocean tides. Ocean tides are predictable, you can literally set your watch to them. ... tags: bizbootstrappingbusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_CareersBusiness_Management_MarketingBusiness_News

Must know bootstrapping ideas for any business

Marc Pearlman amp Entrpreneur columnist Bob Reiss discuss bootstrapping ideas.Please visit for more ... tags: bootstrappingbusinessEducationstartups

How Stanford Grad Learns Bootstrap Business Philosophy - Bijoy Goswami

In Chapter 8 of 15, leadership philosopher, bootstrap business expert Bijoy Goswami studies the history of Silicon Valley while attending ... tags: bijoy_goswamiBootstrapbootstrappingbootstrap_businessbootstrap_business_philosophyBusinessBusiness_Career_Coaching

How Great Organizational Structures Develop - Bijoy Goswami

In Chapter 15 of 15, leadership philosopher and bootstrap business expert Bijoy Goswami shares the common themes shaping great design and ... tags: bijoy_goswamibootstrappingBusiness_Career_Coachingcaptureyourflagcapture_your_flagDeveloperik

How Bootstrap Community Purpose Unfolds Over Time - Bijoy Goswami

In Chapter 10 of 15, leadership philosopher Bijoy Goswami creates an Austin community group and over time learns the indirect benefits of ... tags: bijoy_goswamiBootstrapbootstrappingbootstrap_communitybootstrap_community_purposeBusiness_Career_Coachingcaptureyourflag