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Bad Directors: M Night Shyamalan 9

Never say M. Night Shyamalan has hit rock bottom, because if there's one thing M. Night knows how to do -- besides how to put unnecessary ... tags: ActorBookEntertainmentMovieMusicMusicianPolitical

Bad Directors: Roland Emmerich 8

In all fairness, I don't think anyone's ever accused Roland Emmerich of being a particularly good filmmaker. But considering his films have ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicianPolitical

Bad Directors: Gore Verbinski 6

Here we have another career that started with a surplus of promise only to slowly give way to lazy efforts and pandering to the lowest ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Tim Burton 4

After parlaying an animation position into a full-blown directing gig on the strength of wildly inventive movies like Pee Wee's Big ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Spike Lee 3

One needs to look no farther than last year's uninspired and unnecessary box-office flop Oldboy to see how far Spike Lee has fallen. This ... tags: ActorBookEntertainmentMovieMusicMusicianPolitical

Bad Directors: Ridley Scott 2

It might be a stretch to say that Ridley Scott has lost his touch. Then again, it might not. Scott's career trajectory is one of slow ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Francis Ford Coppola 5

As one of the godfathers of the '70s' resurgence of auteur films, Francis Ford Coppola gave us some of the greatest films ever made, like ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Renny Harlin 10

This Finnish import got his first taste of Hollywood success after helming the successful fourth entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Michael Bay 1

Finally, we have the director whose career epitomizes all that's wrong with modern movies. An abundance of special effects sequences, weak ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMusicMusicianPolitical

Fit At Forty

Watch Actress Padmini Kolhapure And Poonam Dhillon At Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai's New Book Fit At 40 Launch Watch us on Idea ... tags: ActressBollywoodBookFit_At_40LaunchPadmini_KolhapurePoonam_Dhillon

The Book Report - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - Recital

The Book Report - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - Performed by Olivia for her Music Theatre graduating recital held on campus at the ... tags: actaimtvaustralianbookbrowncharliedance

Superhero Origins: Jean Grey

She went from X-men member in a love triangle to the Dark Pheonix. Join as we explore the origins of Jean Grey, originally known as Marvel ... tags: BookComic_Book_OriginsHeroMarvel_GirlPhoenixStan_LeeSuper