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Subject:CINEMA #234 - "Gotta Dance! Dancing In The Movies!"

It's time for another SubjectCINEMA This week, it's our June Double Feature Weekend, and today, SubjectCINEMA 234 looks at dancing in ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekDanceMoviesDancingInTheMoviesPodcastPopcornNRosessubjectCINEMATV_Film

Subject:CINEMA #238 - "The Pixar Revolution!"

It's time for another SubjectCINEMA This week, we head back into our ongoing series on animation studios with a look at todays' King ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekDespicableMeEntertainmentNewsGruminionspixarPixarMovies

Subject:CINEMA #239 - "What A Character! Bruce Campbell!"

It's time for another SubjectCINEMA This week, we launch a new continuing series, What A Character , focusing on character actors. We ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekBrattleTheatreBruceCampbellEntertainmentNewsinceptionPassingsPodcast

Subject:CINEMA #244 - "Hero Heat IV - River Heights Heroine: Nancy Drew!"

It's time for another SubjectCINEMA Our annual HERO HEAT series continues This week, in the episode of our double feature weekend, we ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekemailEntertainmentNewsHeroHeatIVNancyDrewPassingsPodcast

Subject:CINEMA #245 - "Hero Heat IV- Mach GO! GO! GO!"

It's time for another SubjectCINEMA Our annual HERO HEAT series continues This week, we head across the pond to Japan to discover ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekemailEntertainmentNewsHeroHeatIVPassingsPiranha3DPodcast

Subject:CINEMA #246 - "Hero Heat IV - The Mighty Hercules!"

It's time for another SubjectCINEMA Well, our annual HERO HEAT series has come to a conclusion with this slightly longer than normal ... tags: AnimalKingdomBoneheadOfTheWeekemailEntertainmentNewsherculesHeroHeatIVPassings

Subject:CINEMA #263 - "Eponymous Epics!"

Welcome to another edition of SubjectCINEMA This week, it's self titled films, on 'Eponymous Epics' Plus - the latest entertainment ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekemailEntertainmentNewsEponymousFilmsForbesTurkeysofTheYearPodcastPopcornNRoses

Subject:CINEMA #270 - "The 2011 Resolution Revolution!"

Welcome to another edition of SubjectCINEMA This week, Kim and TC shake their heads in shame to admit that they've never watched 10 ... tags: 2011ResolutionRevolutionAttackOfTheBMoviesAwardsNewsBoneheadOfTheWeekEntertainmentNewsForbiddenPlanetPodcast

Subject:CINEMA #273 - "Subject:CINEMA's 5th Annual Fethival Of Film Fethivals!"

It's THAT TIME of year again - SubjectCINEMA heads west to Palm Springs, Park City, and Santa Barbara for our 5th Annual Fethival Of Film ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekEbertPresentsAtTheMoviesFethivalOfFilmFethivalsIndieFilmSpotlightPalmSpringsFilmFestivalPodcastPopcornNRoses

Subject:CINEMA #274 - "What A Character - Meryl Streep!"

We have got a JAM-PACKED show for you this week, and our topic of the week is a look at the career of one of the best character ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekDonnieDarkoMerylStreepNationalFilmRegistryOscarNominationsPodcastPopcornNRoses

Subject:CINEMA #277 - "February Sweeps III: Our Top 20 TV "Gotcha!" Moments!"

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE Our yearly excursions into Television continue this week on the 2011 edition of February Sweeps This week, on the of ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekPodcastPopcornNRosesStagecoachsubjectCINEMATheFunnyFarmTop20GotchaMoments

Subject:CINEMA #281 - "Cityscapes: Paris J'etamie - The City Of Lights And L'amour"

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE TC and Kim indulge in another of the continuing 'Cityscapes' series, this week focusing on films set in Paris and ... tags: BoneheadOfTheWeekCityScapesDeadline.ComFethivalFlashNikkiFinkeParisPodcast