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US Divided Over Obama Birthplace

45 percent of US Republicans believe Obama was born outside the US. 22 percent said they are unsure where he was born. The issues of Obamas ... tags: BarackbirthbirtherbirtherscertificatecitizenshipDonald

Do Not Pursue Romney's Eligibility

In the recent developments concerning Mitt Romney's birth place, Dr. James David Manning urges Birthers not participate in this pursuit of ... tags: ATLAHBarackBirthBirthersCertificateDavidDr

No Winner Last Night

Dr. James David Manning says there was no winner at the Iowa Caucus. Recorded on 4 January 2011. Go to for more information. tags: ATLAHatlahworldwideBarackBirthersCaucusDavidHussein

Dr. James David Manning reports from "Occupy Wall Street" in Zuccotti Park

Hon. James David Manning, PhD makes a report from 'Occupy Wall Street' in Zuccotti Park. Recorded on 25 October 2011. Go to for ... tags: ATLAHBarackBirthersBoothCityDavidHussein

NATO Airstrike Kills One of Gadhafi's Sons, 3 Grandchildren

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survived a NATO air strike that killed his youngest son and three grandchildren and destroyed a Tripoli ... tags: 911al-ArabAllahArchaicBackwardsBirthersBrotherhood

The Birthers Shall Inherit the Earth

Hon. James David Manning, PhD says the Birthers shall inherit the Earth. Recorded on the 6 September 2011. Go to for more ... tags: Barack Birth Birthers Certificate David Earth Hussein

Onion News Network: How Twitter and Facebook Have Changed the Onion

Head writer Seth Reiss and features editor Joe Garden talk about real life imitating stories from The Onion. Editorial manager Kate Palmer ... tags: Anderson_CooperBarack_ObamaBirthersBirth_CertificateComedyDonald_TrumpFacebook

Slate: The Big Day Gabfest

Slate's Political Gabfest, featuring John Dickerson, David Plotz, and Emily Bazelon. This week The Presidents birth certificate, the ... tags: bazelonbirthbirtherscertificatedefensedickersondoma

Jonathan Kay: It's All a Conspiracy

Is bin Laden really dead Did we really land on the moon Author Jonathan Kay spent time researching conspiracy theories for his new book ... tags: birthersconspiracyinternationalNews_Politicspoliticstheoriestheorists