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Cruz to renounce Canadian citizenship ahead of potential 2016 WH bid

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was born in Canada to American parents, and has dual citizenship in the U.S. and in Canada. Cruz is now taking the ...

Perry dodges question about Obama's birth certificate

Texas Gov. Rick Perry once again dodged a question about whether he thought President Obama was born in the United States, calling it a ...

Eye Opener: Mitt Romney takes Texas, clinches nomination

Mitt Romney wins the Texas GOP primary and the delegates necessary for the GOP presidential nomination. Also, the U.S. and nine other ...

Arpaio Claims Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and his 'Cold Case Posse' claim new evidence shows President Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is 'definitely ... tags: AmericaArizonaArpaiobirtherJoeofPhoenix

GOP Attacks Trump in Race to 2012

The Donald leads among GOP would-be presidential hopefuls. But not everyone in the Grand Old Party is cheering him on. tags: 2012birtherelectionGOPmultisourcenewsparty

Birther Movement Picking Up Steam? Or Just Causing A Divide?

Recent polls show more Republican voters questioning the validity of President Obamas certificate of live birth. tags: birthercitizenshipmittnewspartypoliticalrepublican

US Divided Over Obama Birthplace

45 percent of US Republicans believe Obama was born outside the US. 22 percent said they are unsure where he was born. The issues of Obamas ... tags: BarackbirthbirtherbirtherscertificatecitizenshipDonald

White House Releases Obama's Birth Certificate

The White House has released President Barack Obama's original Hawaii birth certificate in an attempt to silence the so-called 'birthers' ... tags: BarackbirthbirthercertificateDonaldforeign-bornhouse

Obama Releases Birth Certificate, "Birthers" Don't Buy It

The White House has released President Barack Obama's original Hawaii birth certificate in an attempt to silence the so-called 'birthers' ... tags: birthbirthercertificateconstitutionDonaldforeign-bornHawaii

Did Obama Put Birther Debate to Rest?

President Obama released a long-form birth certificate with hopes of ending birther debate. But will it actually raise more questions tags: birthbirthercertificatedonaldnewsobamapresident

Obama on Birth Certificate, Real Issues Facing America

President Obama discusses the release of his long form birth certificate, saying that that Weve got big problems to solve. And Im confident ... tags: Barackbirthbirthercertificatehouselong-formObama

Jerry Seinfeld Cancels Appearance at Trump Benefit

Jerry Seinfeld backs out of a Trump family charity event because of the presidential wannabe's slams on Obama. tags: birtherericjerrymarriageobamapresidentreality