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Andrew Belle at Baeble HQ - 11.13.2013

Andrew Belle swings by Baeble HQ to provide swoon-worthy renditions of songs from his most recent album Black Bear in session. tags: Andrew_BelleBaeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bands

ZZ Ward at Baeble HQ - 02.05.2013

ZZ Ward brings a timeless voice, dusty blues-infused rhythms, and some serious hip hop swagger by Baeble HQ in this impressive acoustic ... tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

The Colourist at Baeble HQ - 10.11.2013

The Colourist strip down their highly caffeinated, giddy indie pop to their acoustic roots in this revealing session with a band we'll be ... tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Bear's Den at Baeble HQ - 08.21.2013

Bear's Den bring charming harmonies and British banjo twang to the Baeble backyard in this lovely, late summer session. tags: Baeble_HQBears_Denfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bands

Gregory Alan Isakov at Baeble HQ - 07.18.2013

Gregory Alan Isakov brings his beautifully grass stained, prairie songs by Baeble HQ in this evocative new session. tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

Jake Shimabukuro at Baeble HQ - 07.30.2013

In support of his latest full-length release, Grand Ukulele, Jake and his uke stopped by the Baeble backyard to strum through a few of his ... tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Deer Tick at Baeble HQ - 07.31.2013

Deer Tick deliver the best dose of Negativity you've ever heard in this stripped down, backyard session. tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts

Brett Dennen at Baeble HQ - 07.30.2013

Brett Dennen performs a new batch of heartfelt, honest singalongs in this laid back and rustic, backyard session. tags: Baeble_HQBrett_Dennenfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bands

Hanson at Baeble HQ - 06.20.2013

American pop idols Hanson brave both our six story walk-up and a scorching hot afternoon to share a slew of songs from their new album, ... tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosHansonindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bands

Nataly Dawn at Baeble HQ - 03.28.2013

Nataly Dawn puts her frenetic Pomplamoose heroics on hold, performing songs of a quiet beauty in this delicate, folksy session in the ... tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers at Baeble HQ - 03.27.2013

Though they throw a knowing nod to classic 70s country rock, the sun drenched twang Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers specialize in is very ... tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Water Liars at Baeble HQ - 04.17.2013

Mississippi duo Water Liars swing by Baeble HQ, bringing three soul baring songs from their most recent album Wyoming in the process. tags: Baeble_HQfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concerts