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Cholesterol-Lowering Medication

When a low-cholesterol lifestyle doesn't get your numbers in an appropriate range, your doctor may recommend supplementing with medication. tags: bad_cholesterolcardiovascular_diseasecholesterol_drugsColestidColestipolgood_cholesterolhdl

Cholesterol-Lowering Substances

While there's no magic pill that will guarantee a lower cholesterol reading, there are some substances that have been known to help. tags: b3bad_cholesterolblood_pressurecheeriosfatfibergood_cholesterol

Lowering Cholesterol

If you're among the 18 percent of Americans who have high cholesterol, adopting a low-cholesterol lifestyle can help tags: bad_cholesterolcardiovascular_diseasecardiovascular_exercisecholesterol_drugsgood_cholesterolhdlheart_attack

Understanding Cholesterol

Cholesterol isn't inherently 'bad,' but too much of it can cause a plethora of problems Keep watching for the cholesterol basics. tags: atherosclerosisbad_cholesterolblood_pressurecholesterolfatgood_cholesterolhdl

Consequences of Cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to heart disease, and that's bad news, because heart disease is America's leading killer tags: arteriesatherosclerosisbad_cholesterolblood_pressurecholesterolfatgood_cholesterol

Pure Acai – Enjoy Its Innumerable Health Benefits

Pure Acai 8211 Enjoy Its Innumerable Health BenefitsThis post is courtesy of pure acai Reviews and More who recommends you buy acai in acai ... tags: AbsorbanceAcai_BerriesAcai_FruitAcai_JuiceAnthocyaninsAntioxidantsAntioxidant_Level

How Your Cholesterol Can Be Lowered with Plant Sterols

Plant sterols are found naturally at low levels in everyday foods such as vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, grain products, fruits and ... tags: adviceBad_Cholesterolcholesterolcholesterol_issuesCholesterol_treatmentcoronary_diseasedietary

The Different Types of Cholesterol

Dr. Christopher Cannon tells us about the different types of cholesterol, such as LDL or low-density lipoprotien, which is the bad ... tags: aolAOL_Healthy_LivingBad_CholesterolCholesterolDifferentdr_christopher_cannonGood_Cholesterol

Keep Your Cholesterol Low For Longevity

Dr. Russell Greenfield explains the difference between good and bad cholesterol and shares his advice for keeping it in check. tags: Bad_CholesterolCholesterolcholesterol_reductionDr._Russell_GreenfieldForGood_Cholesterolhdl_and_ldl

Small Miracle From Amazonia

Small Miracle From AmazoniaThis post is courtesy of pure acai Reviews and More who recommends you buy acai in acai extract or acai capsules ... tags: Acai_BerriesAcai_BerryAcne_And_PimplesAmazon_Rain_ForestsBad_CholesterolCardiovascular_DisordersDiet

About Trans Fats

Trans fats have been shown to raise 'bad' cholesterol and lower 'good' cholesterol Watch this for a quick tip on managing them. tags: accidentsbad_cholesterolBad_FatBelly_FatBody_FatBody_NutritionBurn_Fat