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Bad Breath Videos - 2 by Popular

Smoking, Chewing Tobacco & Your Gums

You know that smoking can do a number on your teeth - but did you know it also puts your gums at risk Turns out that smokers are five times ... tags: addictionbacteriabad_breathbleedingcancercausechew

Turn Bad Breath Good: Top Treatments

Can't tell if your morning cup has left you with coffee breath Or if those garlic knots you had for lunch are lingering How can you tell if ... tags: bad_breathbracesbrushingcausecure:oral_caredentalflossing

Chronic Halitosis Or Just Bad Breath?

How can you tell if you have chronic bad breath or if it's just the result of that onion bagel Watch this to find out tags: bad_breathbracesbrushingcausecure_:oral_caredentalflossing

Mouthwash 101

It's hard to imagine that something you just swish and spit can really benefit your dental health. But the RIGHT mouthwash can be one of ... tags: alcoholalcohol_freeAntibacterialbad_breathcausecavitycleaning

Daily Oral Care Basics

You brush and floss-usually-every morning and night. Think you've got it covered, right The truth is, it takes a little more than a quick ... tags: bad_breathbasicsbestbrushingcausecavitiescleaning

Can Tooth Decay Affect Overall Health?

If cavities and bad breath aren't enough to make you floss and brush regularly, you can add heart disease, Alzheimer's, and other serious ... tags: Alzheimer'sbacteriabad_breathblood_diseasescausecavitydental

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Everyone worries about bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by certain food we eat and poor dental hygiene. To know how to get rid of bad ... tags: bad_breathdental_hygienehalitosisHealth

Battle Bad Breath

Dentist Maria Ryan gives tips on how to prevent bad breath. tags: bad_breathbattle_bad_breathbrushing_teethcolgate_totalflossingteeth

Jamacana - Winter, Being Virgins, and Bad Breath

Jamacana - Winter, Being V... 1213 This is my very first episode from - FAST-FORWARD TO 200 if you don't have much time. ... tags: bad_breathCanadahighschool_bandJamacanaJamaicaReal_Lifesubstitute_teachers