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Q&A: Bad Breath - How to Prevent and Treat It

Sex Toys Vibrators -- Question Hey Dan and Jennifer, sometimes when I am with my boyfriend, he has bad breath. I find it a real turn OFF. ...

Can Tooth Decay Affect Overall Health?

If cavities and bad breath aren't enough to make you floss and brush regularly, you can add heart disease, Alzheimer's, and other serious ... tags: Alzheimer'sbacteriabad_breathblood_diseasescausecavitydental

My Oral Routine

Submit your photo here can grad these at CVS and WalmartWhen you post your photo, make sure you have your Orabrush in the ... tags: bad breathbad datesbad_breathbad_datesbrushing your teethbrushing_your_teethHealth

How to Tell If You Have Bad Breath

Many people suffer from halitophobia an irrational fear of having bad breath. Here's a handy way to lay your fears to restor confirming it ... tags: Badbad_breathBreathbreathHowdealing_with_halitophobiaHaveHow

How to Treat Bad Breath

Tressie, George and Mandy take the stage without brushing their teeth, and demonstrate how their own home remedies work on their strong, ... tags: Badbad_breathBad_Breath_SolutionsBreathDr._Andrew_OrdonDr._Jim_SearsDr._Lisa_Masterson

How To Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath or Halitosis can dampen your confidence and ruin your social life. VideoJug have spoken to the British Dental Health Foundation ... tags: Bad_Breathchewing_gumconfectioneryHalitosisHealthmouthmouthwash

Bad Breath Fixes

Alexis Wolfer, editor of the, shares natural ways to beat bad breath and why they work better than gum or mints. tags: bad_breathbad_breath_naturalbetterbetter_tvbetter_tv_shownatrual_breath_fixes

Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Whether you've heard about it from your mom, your dentist or a toothpaste commercial, I'm sure you're no stranger to the term gingivitis. ... tags: at_homebacteriabad_breathbracesbridgescausecrowns

Stress & Your Gums

Stress. It takes a toll on your weight, immune system, blood pressure...and even your gums. Watch this to learn about the ultimate toll ... tags: bacteriabad_breathblood_pressurebrushingcausecortisoldental