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Baby Growth Videos by Popular

When to Worry About Baby Weight

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what is considered a healthy amount of baby fat, and when to worry that your baby is overweight. tags: AboutBabybaby_fatbaby_growthBaby_OverweightBaby_Weight_Problemschild_growth

Baby Sleep Basics

Your baby probably sleeps a lot - newborns can sleep up to 19 hours a day - but they tend to do it in short stints. Remember to lie your ... tags: after_pregnancybabies_sleep_problemsbabybaby_carebaby_growthbaby_insomniababy_sleep_basics

Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Is your newborn sleeping through the night If not, there are a few things you can do to help your baby sleep. There are a number of ... tags: after_pregnancybabies_sleep_problemsbabybaby_carebaby_growthbaby_sleep_patternschild

How To Soothe Your Baby

Your little one can't talk yet, so he'll communicate with you the only way he can, by crying While you won't always know what's wrong, as ... tags: after_pregnancybabybaby_carebaby_colicbaby_growthcrying_babyhow_to_calm_baby

Breast Pumping - The Basics

Breast pumping provides benefits such as allowing you to store your milk and allowing your partner to share in your baby's feeding process. ... tags: baby_carebaby_growthbreastfeedingbreast_milk:_babybreast_pumpingbreast_pumpshow_to_breast_pump

How To Breastfeed

Up to 80 of new moms try breastfeeding. It's the tried and true method and as a ready - and free - source of food for your baby, it's an ... tags: baby_carebaby_food:_health_videobaby_growthbreastfeedingbreastfeeding_positions:_babybreast_milkchanging_diapers

How To Solve Common Breastfeeding Problems

Even though breast milk is usually best for your infant, it is not always easy to breastfeed. A few simple breastfeeding tips may be able ... tags: baby_carebaby_foodbaby_formula:_diapersbaby_growthbreastfeeding:_healthbreastfeeding_issuesbreast_milk

Formula Feeding Facts

There are a number of reasons why you might decide to feed your baby formula. However you reached your decision, you should determine the ... tags: after_pregnancybabybaby_carebaby_food:_babybaby_formulababy_formula_basicsbaby_growth

Feeding Your Baby - Formula vs. Breast Milk

If you're trying to decide between breastfeeding and feeding your newborn formula, there are several factors to consider. Each method has ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_foodbaby_growthbreastfeeding_newbornbreastfeeding_your_infantbreast_milk

Tips for Dealing with Baby's Growth Spurts

The Bump gives you the 411 on what to do if you think your baby is having a growth spurt. tags: Baby'sbabys_growth_spurtsbaby_carebaby_growthDealingforGrowth