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Summer Tips for Mom and Baby

Summer can be tough for babies and moms, but Alecia has found some ways to deal with the heat while out and about with Rhett and Knox. ...

Baby Product Rewards and Free Toys

Buying diapers is costly. So much money goes into such a short-term item that039s just going to go into the trash, sometimes moments after ...

Infant Medication Basics

At some point, every baby will get sick and need medicine. Giving an infant medication usually requires an oral syringe, careful dosage and ... tags: babybaby_advicebaby_developmentbaby_doctorbaby_is_sickdrugs_for_infants:_baby_healthinfant

Caring For Your Baby's Sensitive Skin

Every baby has delicate skin, and you may need to utilize sunscreen, baby lotion, skin oil and even baby detergent like Dreft to ensure his ... tags: babybaby_advicebaby_bathbaby_delicate_skinbaby_detergent:_baby_healthbaby_developmentbaby_doctor

Burping, Bathing and Bathroom Basics

After pregnancy, get ready for newborn baby care Feeding, burping, and diaper duty go on non-stop - and baby bath time seems to be an ... tags: baby_advicebaby_bathbaby_burpbaby_carebaby_diapersbaby_healthbaby_shampoo

Feeding my Baby

Dr. Lisa Gwynn talks to NewBaby TV about how to feed your baby. She discusses breast feeding, bottle feeding, formula and frequesncy in ... tags: babiesbabybaby_advicebaby_answersbottle-feedingbreastfeedingDr_Gwynn

Baby Skincare and Rashes

Skincare is very important to new born babies. Sensitivity to their new surroundings can lead to irritation and rashes. Dr. Gwynn talks to ... tags: babiesbabybaby_advicebaby_answersdiapersdiaper_rashdoctor

What to do when your baby has a fever and rash?

When your baby has the combination of fever and rash it is advised to see your pediatrician. More helpful hints from Dr. Lisa Gwynn tags: advicebabiesbabybaby_advicebaby_answersdoctorDr_Gwynn

Vaccinations and your baby

Dr. Gwynn talks about vaccinations and why it may be important for your babies health and development. tags: advicebabiesbabybaby_advicebaby_answerschicken_poxdoctor

Pacifiers and my baby

Pacifiers can be helpful in calming a new baby. Dr. Gwynn talks to the general use of pacifiers and gives her opinion on how long they ... tags: babiesbabybaby_advicebaby_answerscalmdoctorDr_Gwynn