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Syria's Muslim Brotherhood faces uphill battle

For Syria's banned Muslim Brotherhood, the uprising against President Bashar Assad that erupted amid Arab Spring revolts in 2011 provided a ... tags: al-AssadBaathBrotherhoodCrescentFertileHafezHama

Inside Iraq - Iraqi national movement - 6 Nov 09

We discuss the newly formed cross-sectarian alliance between Iyad Allawi and Saleh al-Mutlaq. tags: albaathelectionsinsideiraqiraqijazeera

Syrians Vote on New Constitution in Thick of Unrest

Syrians voted Sunday on a new constitution in the face of opposition calls for a boycott and deadly violence that Washington has said made ... tags: baathcivilfraudoppositionpartyprotestSyria

Inside Iraq - Strained Iraqi-Syrian relations

Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, has accused Damascus of trying to restore Baathists to power after a public meeting was held for ... tags: aljazeerabaathbaathistsinsideinsideiraqiraqiraqi

Iraq Approves New Ministers

The Iraqi parliament has approved eight new ministers to fill vacant posts in the cabinet of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. In December, ... tags: baathdestructionHusseinJalalmassofparty

Syrian Ba'ath party members quit over violence

The violence by Syrian security forces against pro-democracy protesters has triggered the unprecedented resignation of 200 members of the ... tags: BaathCrisiseuronewsmembersoverpartyquit

Siria: prime crepe nel regime. Dimissioni di massa dal Baath

Si aprono le prime crepe nel regime siriano. Oltre 200 rappresentanti del Baath, il partito al potere in Siria, si sono dimessi in massa in ... tags: BaathcrepeCrisidalDimissionieuronewsmassa

Siria: presa d'assalto sede locale del partito Baath

In Siria, l'assalto dei manifestanti al simbolo del potere. La folla ha dato fuoco alla sede locale del partito Baath nella citt di Daraa, ... tags: Baathdassaltodeleuronewslocalepresasede

Smood: We were not unbelievers

Smood We were not unbelievers A film by Goran Baba Ali 2007 Camera Hawre Aziz Editing Allard Detiger In 1988, in a final attempt to put a ... tags: AnfalBaathCampagneGenocideHusseinKalarregime

Iraqi Leader: Baathists Will Never Take Power Again

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says that Saddam Hussein's Baath party will find no security vacuum to exploit after US forces leave. ... tags: BaathhusseininIraqsaddamshiitestroops

Damasco, attacco alla sede del partito Baath

Attacco, con due granate, alla sede del partito di governo Baath, a Damasco. E' il primo attentato nella capitale siriana da quanto 8 mesi ... tags: allaattaccoBaathCrisiDamascodeleuronews

Biden's overtures rejected in Iraq

The Iraqi government has rejected any efforts by Vice President Joe Biden to mediate disagreements between political parties ahead of Iraqi ... tags: baathbideniraqjarrarjoepartyraed