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Avengers Initiative Launch Trailer

HULK SMASH When The Pulse releases super-villains the world over, it's up to The Avengers to beat them into submission. tags: avengersavengers-initiativegameshulkiosipadiphone

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 20 - 05.18.10

In this double-sized the edition of Pete's Basement, the boys joined by Jenny pay tribute to a fallen hero of the fantasy world-- Frank ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAstonishing_X-MenAvengers_initiativeBatmanBirds_of_PreyBrightest_Day

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.38 - 9.29.09

There's a lot to talk about this week, and all of it's BAD Pete and guests get down to the nasty business of reviewing what could be the ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAvengers:_InitiativeBlackest_NightCaptain_SweatpantsChung_LiDark_X-Men

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.34 - 9.01.09

The roundtable is back in full effect. And with a lot of comics to review, the boys waste no time with the insults. PLUS - Pete's Basement ... tags: ArtsAvengers_InitiativeBatmanBatwomanBeta_Ray_BillBlackest_NightDark_Avengers

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.21 - 6.02.09

The Other Pete and Steve are back, Ramon hasn't left and Adam is off. Pete has assembled most of the basement again to help him go over ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAvengers:_InitiativeElectraGames_HobbiesGreen_LanternHobbies

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.0 - 1.13.09

It's a whole new year in the basement Join, Pete, Adam, Ramon and Steve as they review some of the books that came out over the holiday ... tags: Aetheric_MechanicsArtsAvengers:_InitiativeGames_HobbiesGreen_LanternHobbiesIncognito

Pete's Basement Ep.48 - 12.23.08

It's Christmas time in the basement Join Pete, Adam, Ramon and Steve as they discuss comics, movies and bodily functions while getting ... tags: ArtsAvengers:_InitiativeDarkDoktor_SleeplessGames_HobbiesGhost_RiderHobbies

Pete's Basement Ep.4 - 02.04.08

Pete gets Eli Manning yards on the latest issue of Brand New Day, Captain Bucky kneecaps some men in tights, the Last Man goes out with a ... tags: Alex_RossArtsAvengers:_InitiativeBatman_and_SupermanBrand_New_DayCaptain_AmericaGames_Hobbies

Pete's Basement Ep.10 - 03.18.08

A girl finds her way into the Basement. Is she real or just a figment of their collective imaginations Join Pete, Adam, Ramon, Steve and ... tags: Annihilation:_ConquestArtsAvengers:_InitiativeBooster_GoldCableCriminalDan_Dare

Pete's Basement Ep.17 - 05.06.08

Steve disappears after Comic Con, and the basement breaks down into madness. Pete challenges Adam to a duel of words and Ramon can't help ... tags: AgesAnnihilation:_ConquestArtsAvengers_InitiativeBlack_SummerBoldBooks_of_Doom

Pete's Basement Ep.27 - 07.29.08

Pete punches Steve. Adam and Pete bicker over Grant Morrison. Pete, Steve, Adam Brooklyn Hee-Haw tags: ArtsAvengers_initiativeBlack_SummerCaptain_AmericaCrisis:Dan_DareFinal