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Aurora Videos - 2 by Popular

Holmes' doctor warned police before Aurora massacre

Newly-released documents in the Colorado movie theater shootings say school authorities were warned about James Holmes shortly before the ...

Mass shootings "aren't just the result of guns," Obama says

Trying to move forward his effort to reduce gun violence, President Obama today met with law enforcement officials and community leaders at ...

President Obama lauds new Colo. gun control measures

The President pushed for stricter gun control measures to avoid more mass shootings like Newtown, Conn. Bill Plante reports.

Obama: We can reconcile gun control, Second Amendment

Recognizing Colorado as a state that has 'suffered a tragedy of two of the worst mass shooting in our history' - Columbine and Aurora - ...

Reaction to new Connecticut gun laws

Scott Pelley speaks with family members of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting to hear their opinions on new Connecticut State gun laws.

Colo. prosecutors seek death penalty for Aurora shooting suspect

Prosecutors have denied James Holmes a plea deal to save his life, seeking the death penalty instead. John Blackstone reports on the ...

Columbine, Aurora survivors hit hard by Newtown tragedy

Horrific acts of gun violence leave emotional scars that can last a lifetime, from the Columbine High School shootings to the Aurora movie ...

A "terrible" year of mass shootings

Following Friday's deadly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., CBS News' Bob Orr points out that 2012 has been ...

Obama's emotional reaction to deadly Conn. school shooting

During a live address, President Obama became tearful as he spoke of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.. ...

Steve Hartman on every parent's worst fears

CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman shares what he calls his 'selfish' thoughts as a parent about the Connecticut school massacre - ...

Father has emotional reunion with son following Newtown massacre

One of the parents who rushed to Sandy Hook Elementary School to find his son was Richard Wilford. Scott Pelley spoke with Wilford who ...

Columbine principal: Not again

Frank DeAngelis, the principal at Columbine High School who was there during the 1999 shooting, speaks with Barry Petersen about the ...