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Question about making resolution in Yoga Nidra

I have a question about the Sankalp to be done in the Yog Nidra. Do I need to repeat the Sankalp every time, when I do Yog Nidra or ... tags: anandmurtiashramgurumaaindiamastermeditationmind

I am in California and you are in India, how should I start?

Q I am 29 years old and I live in America. I have bought Yog Nidra recently and I am looking forward to begin its practice. I had been ... tags: ashramdivineexperiencegodgurumaainnerjourney

Please bless me and my family that we may realize God!

Q I seek your guidance to lead me towards spirituality. I want to make my life useful I also instill good qualities in my seven-year-old ... tags: anandmurtiashramgurumaaindiamastermeditationmind

Continuous thoughts in mind, whenever i try to meditate!

Question I am a beginner in the field of meditation. Whenever I sit for meditation, my mind never relaxes itself from thinking. Even while ... tags: anandmurtiashramgurumaaindiainsightmindspiritual

How to reagain the lost semen from the body during masturbation?

Q I'm 33 years old and in my past life, I was habituated to masturbation. I lost my semen in very huge quantity. My question is that what ... tags: anandmurtiashramgaingurumaahowinsightlost

My mind always thinks about sex, how can I divert it?

Q My age is 24. My mind is always thinking about sex and other nonsense things. How can I divert my mind towards the positive things I ... tags: ashramgurumaahetrosexualityinsightmindseekersspiritual

I am too much attracted towards females, what should i do?

Q I am 23 years old. I am too much attracted towards the female. How can I over come this problem and have control over bodyVisit for more ... tags: ashramenergyenlightenmenthetrosexualityindiainsightspiritual

What is the difference between love and attachment?

What is the difference between love and attachment Visit for more videosnbsp tags: andashramattachmentgurumaaindianlovemystics

Walking on Spiritual path for many years, but still no growth!

Q There has been a search going on, although all through the last 76 years of my living, yet one did not know what is really being really ... tags: ashramguruindianjourneymastermysticpractices

There is duality in mind for spiritual practices

I am making efforts to keep a watchful eye on my mind, as much as possible but I feel a kind of duality when I am doing it. Sometimes, I do ... tags: ashramaspirantdualitygurumaamindpracticesseekers

I am suffering from Social Phobia for last eight years?

I am suffering from social phobia for last 8 years. I am frightened to speak to people, whether known to me or not. For past years, it has ... tags: anandmurtiashramgurumaaindiamasterphobiaretreat