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Ashens Videos - 2 by Popular

Optical Media Laceration Extravaganza | Ashens

Or 'Disc Scratch Special' if you prefer. Are your games and DVD's scuffed beyond use Then you're a clumsy oaf who deserves nothing but ... tags: abrasionashensautomaticCDdiscDVDfingerprints

Less Cheap Christmas Crackers Roundup | Ashens

I felt I was doing the world of crackers a disservice by only showing ultra-cheap versions. So here are some less cheap ones And still ... tags: advertashenscharadeschristmas_crackerscrackersEntertainmentfunny

Fake Buffy & Wrestling Figures Review | Ashens

Rather than Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it's Nameless The Power Slayer And also some frankly terrifying humanoid creatures masquerading as ... tags: angelashensBuffybuffy the vampire slayerchampionchampionsDavid boringbeanz

Ashens Christmas Special 2011

It's Christmas And we encounter the worst item ever sold by Poundland. But first there are crackers, a metal Father Christmas, Schrdinger's ... tags: ashenschristmaschristmas crackersdeadfake snowfather christmasfiber

Doctor Who LCD Adventure Game Review | Ashens

A gift for an unearthly child Here's a look at an LCD game released a couple of years back, tied in with the terrifyingly long-lived TV ... tags: adventure ashens cybermen daleks david tennant dr who EMP bomb

Ixo Vino, iControlpad and fake Meccano review | Ashens

Screwdrivers Wine Control pads Fake meccano Words With exclamation marks after themCharity link Twitter - Extra Videos - Facebook - Web - tags: androidashensboschcordlesselectricfakefunny

Special Guest at the London Gaming Convention

11/21/11 I'm going to be a special guest at the London Gaming Convention from the 3-4 December, so be sure to come along and ... tags: 2011 Anime Ashen Ashens benzaie brain bundy

London Gaming Con & Stuff

London Gaming Con - Facebook - App Store - Google Marketplace - ... tags: android app ashens brentalfloss Con facebook film brain