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Joshua Jay - The Haunted Pack

Alexander Noyes from Honor Society is a special guest for Joshua's ghostly trick. tags: Arts_Magiccambio_on_aolshorts

Close-Up With Magician Joshua Jay

Randy Jackson loves Joshua Jay and so do we here at Cambio We get to know the rising magician and he delivers with a fantastic card trick. tags: Arts_Magiccambio_on_aolconnect

How to Do the Cigarette Rolling Trick

Looking for a instructional video on How To Do The Cigarette Rolling Trick This suitable bite-size tutorial explains precisely how it's ... tags: Arts_Magicchristian_leeCigarettecigarettescigarette_trickelectronic_cigaretteHow

How to Master the Coin Flip Trick

A how to video on How To Master The Coin Flip Trick that will improve your coin tricks skills. Learn how to get good at coin tricks from ... tags: Arts_Magicchristian_leeCoincoin_flippingcoin_trickFlipflip_tricks

Prince Charming Slays Dragon on 'Once Upon a Time'

Prince Charming outwits and kills a dragon on a rocky mountain. Sun., 8PM on ABC. tags: abcadventureArts_Magicdragonsfantasyonceprince_charming

The Huntsman and Snow White's Heart on ' Once Upon a Time'

The Huntsman pays a high price when he tries to trick the Evil Queen. Sun., 8PM on ABC. tags: abcArts_Magicevil_queenfairytalefantasyhuntsmanonce

The Magical Transformation of Jiminy on 'Once Upon a Time'

The Blue Fairy uses magic to transform Jiminy into a cricket. Sun., 8PM on ABC. tags: abcArts_Magicfantasyjiminy_cricketmagiconcetime

Cinderella Tricks Rumplestiltskin on 'Once Upon a Time'

Cinderella tricks Rumplestiltskin into signing a contract with a magic quill that traps him. Sun., 8PM on ABC. tags: abcArts_Magicfantasymagic_cinderellaoncerumplestiltskintime

How to Do the Cup and Balls Trick

This advice video is a useful time-saver that will enable you to get good at party tricks, magic and tricks for kids. Watch our bite-size ... tags: Arts_MagicBallschristian_leeCupcup_trickHowmagicHow

How to Change Water into Ice

This advice video is a practical time-saver that will enable you to get good at party tricks, magic and tricks for kids, old videojug ... tags: Arts_MagicChangechristian_leeHowIceintomagic