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A President From D.C. Visits AiG!

When we started Answers in Genesis over 15 years ago, one of the first things we did to get the creation/gospel message to people across ... tags: Answers_radioAround_AiGFrank_WrightMark_LooyNRBphotos

Famed Musician at Museum

Over the weekend our Creation Museum guests were treated to a wonderful concert by Benny Prasad from Bangalore, India. I met Benny a few ... tags: Around_AiGBenny_PrasadCreous_RamdathcurriculumFeedbackworldwide

Resource Reservoir

I have always said that one of the vital missions of Answers in Genesis is to spread resources throughout the nationand around the worldto ... tags: Around_AiGDon_LandisFeedbackministryresources

Spectacular New Dinosaur Book

Master Books has just produced what they believe is the best childrens book theyve ever publishedDinosaurs for Kids.The artwork in this ... tags: answersAround_AiGbiblebiblical_authoritychristcreationcreation_museum

A Challenging Message

Yesterday we were privileged to have Tim Dudley, the president of Master Books the largest creation publisher in the world, at AiG. Tim ... tags: Around_AiGstaff_meetingTim_Dudley

A Race Car and a Challenge from Jeremiah

Many things are happening back in the office today and tomorrow while I am in the western part of America for most of this week. One of the ... tags: answersAround_AiGchristcreationcreation_collegecreation_museummedia

History Curriculum Writer Visits AiG

Diana Waring, well known in home education circles for her phenomenal history curricula now published by AiGgo to AiGs online bookstore for ... tags: apologeticsAround_AiGcurriculumhistoryhomeschoolMinistry_Updates

Presuppositional Apologetics

This week at AiG, we are conducting a special three-part presentation series to the staff on apologetics to help them all understand the ... tags: apologeticsAround_AiGcreation_museum

Roman Soldier Visits Answers in Genesis

With this being Good Friday, I wanted to mention how we brought in a very special speaker for our regular Thursday staff meeting. Dressed ... tags: Around_AiGcreation_museumMuseum_Updatesteachingvisitors

Bizarre Behavior from Brisbane, Australia

Now , Ive seen all sorts of ways that the world attacks the Answers in Genesis ministrybut I must admit, this is one of the most bizarre. A ... tags: Around_AiGcriticsCurrenteuropeIssuesskepticsThoughts_and_Things

The Hypocrisy Police on Full Alert—But Should Stand Down

I dont know if I should feel honoredor just a bit perturbed.Many humanist websites have been recently accusing me of being a hypocrite. A ... tags: Around_AiGatheistscriticsCurrentIssuesskepticsWorld

Fascinating and Challenging Testimony

As the AiG board of directors is meeting this week, a different board member has been bringing a message for our staffs normal morning AiG ... tags: Around_AiGbiblecreation_scienceFeedbackgenesisjesusmedia