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[Ares] Rollout of the Ares 1-X Prototype

October 20th 2009 the Ares 1-X prototype rocket rolled out to Launch Pad 39-B ahead of it's launch. tags: 720paresAres1XRollout

[Ares] Timelapse of the Entire Rocket Construction

A timelapse video showing from start to finish, the stacking and construction of the Ares 1-X prototype rocket. tags: 720paresAres1XConstructionRocketTimelapse

[Ares] 1-X Construction: The First Stage

The first stage, Consisting of a Solid Rocket Booster from the Space Shuttle inventory, is stacked in High Bay 4 of the Vehicle Assembly ... tags: 720paresAres1XConstructionRocketSRB

[Ares] Modal Testing

With the Ares 1-X fitted with a total of 44 accelerometers the rocket was then vibrated and pushed to simulate conditions it may experience ... tags: 720paresAres1XModalTesting

[Ares] 1-X Construction: The Upper Stage

The dummy upper stage of the Ares 1-X is added ontop of the Solid Rocket Booster. tags: 720paresAres1XConstructionOrionRocketStage

[Ares] Vehicle Stabilization System Added

The Ares Vehicle Stabilization System, A pair of arms to hold the Ares rocket, are added to Pad 39-B. These will protect the rocket in high ... tags: 720paresAres1XStabilizationSystemVertical

[Ares] Launch to Splashdown of Ares 1X

Shot from a chase plane this video captures launch of the Ares 1X prototype vehicle, separation from the upper stage and splash down of the ... tags: 720pAres1XChaseLaunchlaunchedlauncheslift

[Ares] Onboard Cameras Replay of Ares 1X

Launch replays from onboard cameras of Ares 1-X which lifted off from Launch Pad 39-B at Kennedy Space Center on October 28, 2009 at 1530 ... tags: 720paresAres1XLaunchlaunchedlauncheslift

[Ares] Retract of the Rotating Service Stucture

The Rotating Service Structure RSS used in the Shuttle Program is rolled away from the rocket at Pad 39-B. tags: 720paresAres1XRetractRSS

[Ares] Rocket Powered Up For First Time

The Ares 1-X prototype rocket is powered up for the first time in a test on the 11th September 2009. tags: 720paresAres1XPowerTest

[Ares] Solid Rocket Booster Processing Flow Highlights

Narrated processing highlights of the Solid Rocket Booster which makes up the entire first stage of the Ares 1-X rocket. tags: 720paresAres1XFlowProcessSRB

[Ares] Shuttle White Room Removed

On Launch Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the crane lowers the orbiter access arm, which ends in the White Room, toward ... tags: 720paresAres1XRemovedRoomWhite