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Archery Videos - 4 by Popular

K23TV - Sport - Takmičenje u streličarstvu, Hajdukovo - 22. jun 2013.

K23TV - Sport - Takmienje u streliarstvu, Hajdukovo - 22. jun 2013. tags: Archery

Modern-Day Robin Hood Just Sleeping In Woods, Shooting Rich People With Arrows

He's not stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but one inspiring hero is attacking people and sleeping in a forest. tags: ArcheryComedyfunnyHoodnewsOnionRobbery

Horseback Archery Enjoys Comeback In Hungary

The ancient art of horseback archery has found a new leas... tags: animalsarcheryartdangerdirector:Diagonalhorseschool

Long-Range Archery Shot: 100 Yards With a Recurve Bow

Modern compound bows are making shots of over 100 yards not only a reality, but a regularity. I'm not really into compound bows, but I ... tags: ArcherybowhunthuntingLonglongbowPractice

Bow Test 2012: Bear Anarchy

Long known for producing good-quality bows at entry- to mid-level prices, Bears new Anarchy is the bowmakers first venture into the premium ... tags: ArcherybearbowbowhuntBowHuntingcompoundcrossbow

Bow Test 2012: Bowtech Insanity CPX

The Insanity CPXwith its pre-loaded limbsis a fast bow, firing arrows at 341.6 fps, and producing impressive KE/20 and AD/40 readings of 88 ... tags: ArcherybowBowHuntingBowtechCPXcrossbowhunting

Bow Test 2012: G5 Prime Centroid LR

At 34 inches axle-to-axle, the Centroid was one of the longest bows in the test. That, combined with the 7-inch brace height and 80 percent ... tags: ArcherybowbowhuntBowHuntingcentroidcompoundprime

Bow Test 2012: Mission Riot

The Riot blends high-end features with recession-proof pricing. Its adjustability is admirable The draw weight can be set from 15 to 70 ... tags: ArcherybowbowhuntBowHuntingcrossbowhuntingmission

Bow Test 2012: Parker Velocity

This 30-inch bow has a comfortable grip and surprising balance, though it produced an arrow speed of just 305.4 fps and the worst KE/20 and ... tags: ArcherybowbowhuntBowHuntingcrossbowhunthunting

Darton DS-3900

The DS-3900 has a distinctive look that sets it apart from most modern bows. While other companies continue to see how low they can go with ... tags: ArcherybowbowhuntBowHuntingcompounddartonds-3900

Bow Test 2012: Ross Crave DRT

Taping 33 inches axle-to-axle, the DRT was one of the longer bows we tested. The 6-inch brace height is manageable, as the bow drew nicely ... tags: ArcherybowbowhuntBowHuntingCRAVEcrossbowdrt

Bow Test 2012: PSE EVO 7

The EVO 7, with its dramatically reflexed riser, is an attention-grabbing compound, and its dramatic styling is matched with outstanding ... tags: ArcherybowhuntBowHuntingcompoundevoPSEreflexed