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THE LAST GREAT PHARAOH: EGYPT'S GOLDEN EMPIRE - History/Discovery/Egyptian (documentary)

king tut's fireball documentary. thanks for watching. history discovery science earth planet channel national geographic nature world ... tags: ancientarchaeologydiscoverydocumentaryegyptegyptianhistory

Internet used to rescue Italian 'old world treasure'

The ancient city of Paestum was founded by the Greeks in southern Italy at the end of the seventh century BC. Today its is a World Heritage ... tags: ArchaeologyInternetItalianItalyoldrescuetreasure

1.4 Million-Year-Old Hand Bone 'Closes The Gap' In Human Hand Evolution

A 1.42 million-year-old metacarpal a bone of the hand belonging to Homo erectus was recently found in Kenya. This discovery adds ... tags: anthropologyarchaeologyevolutionevolutionary_biologyfossilhand_bonehomo_erectus

Ancient settlement discovered in Israel

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered an ancient settlement, which may date back some 10,000 years. The site was discovered during a ... tags: AncientArchaeologydiscoveredHistoryIsraelsettlement

Drone-assisted archeology

We are on highway A1 near Lausanne, Switzerland. Under the asphalt, an archaeological dig is underway on an ancient Gallo-Roman site. It's ...

Unexpected archaeological discovery / Pepsi commercial

The untold story of how Pepsi was discovered.Country USABrand PEPSIYear 1985Agency BBDO Director Joe PYTKA Plus de Pubs ... Tous droits ...

FOCUS - Libya's Ancient Necropolis Under Threat

Libya has faced no shortage of social, political, and economic challenges since its uprising. The latest crisis concerns the country's rich ...

Biblical-era Town Discovered In Israel

A Biblical-era town that is 2,000 years old was discovered in Israel off the Sea of Galilee. Experts believe the region could be the ...

Peru discovers whale fossils in desert dating back 40...

A team of palaeontologists have unearthed a trove of ancient whale fossils, believed to be more than 40 million years old, in Peru's ...

Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo's Roman ruins

A Roman site covered with multi-colored mosaics is now under excavation in the small village of Dresnik in northwestern Kosovo. This is one ...

Bone tools discovery explodes myth of unskilled Neanderthals

It seems Neanderthal man was not such a dullard after all according to the latest excavations at a 40,000 year-old site in south-west ... tags: ArchaeologyBonediscoveryeuronewsexplodesFrancemyth